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SongSplits is on a Mission to Protect the Rights of Songwriters

SongSplits is a free and secure online platform that allows music creators to proactively create and verify the song’s royalty split percentage between one another.

SongSplits CEO, Todd Wright featured in Music Industry Quarterly discussing his platform. “We provide a secure, simple-to-use platform allowing collaborators (and their managers and attorneys on a permission basis) to easily create and cross-verify their split information and agreements. With this in hand, writers will be properly compensated for their work, there will be fewer missed licensing opportunities and we will even help the publishers and administrators reduce the overhead involved in trying to organize and accept this information,” said Wright.

SongSplits engaged Shadow-Soft to assist them with an app modernization project. The company wanted to modernize its application to improve scalability and optimize costs.

“Shadow-Soft has helped us build a high-quality product and future-proof our infrastructure. Together we are building an important application that will allow music artists and songwriters to establish and document royalty splits in a trusted environment.” – Todd Wright, SongSplits


With more than 250,000 users, SongSplits is revolutionizing the music business by putting the power back in the hands of the creators. To meet increasing customer demand, SongSplits needed a highly scalable platform that could grow with its business, allowing it to handle 1,000,000+ users.

James Chinn, CEO at Shadow-Soft, welcomes this challenge. “SongSplits is a fast-growing product serving the needs of a large user base. Shadow-Soft was excited to help guide Todd and his team through this app modernization project, allowing the company to scale its platform to meet fast-growing demand,” says Chinn.



Shadow-Soft engineers helped SongSplits in two phases: Assessment and Implementation.

Shadow-Soft engineers assessed SongSplits’ existing architecture and provided SongSplits with a list of recommendations. This phase involved reviewing the old web publishing tool that was clunky and inefficient, helping SongSplits understand it’s architectural challenges. Then, Shadow-Soft engineers assisted in re-architecting and migrating the application to a new robust web application hosted on AWS.

The new platform uses AWS’s Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Container Service (ECS), and Relational Database Service (RDS), allowing SongSplits to scale its infrastructure automatically.

“Shadow-Soft is a valued partner of SongSplits. We decided to pursue an overhaul of our core applications (SongSplits) as we were looking to achieve a highly scalable platform that is built for the future, while giving us the flexibility to consistently enhance and grow our feature sets. Not only did the Shadow-Soft team help us re-launch our web and mobile applications suite, but they also helped us re-architect our backend infrastructure and automate our software delivery process.” – Todd Wright, SongSplits


  • Reduce AWS costs by 25%
  • Scale application platform to meet customer demand
  • Automate software delivery process

SongSplits is on a mission to protect the rights of songwriters. As a valued partner, Shadow-Soft continues to work hand-in-hand with SongSplits to help the company scale infrastructure and optimize costs, allowing it to meet growing demand in a controlled and sustainable manner.

“We successfully reduced costs by more than 25% by moving our application infrastructure from an old web publishing tool to a robust web application hosted on AWS. Using AWS’s Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Container Service (ECS), and Relational Database Service (RDS) allows our company to scale infrastructure to meet growing customer needs.” – Todd Wright, SongSplits

About SongSplits

SongSplits is a free and secure online platform that allows music creators to proactively create and verify the song’s royalty split percentage between one another. Learn more about SongSplits.

About Shadow-Soft

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