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Case Studies

How We're Helping Clients Accelerate Modernization

Learn more about how we help companies fast-track their modernization initiatives.

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Learn More Before Working With Us

Read our guide that details the 5-Step Roadmap for Upgrading Legacy Systems and Apps.

100-Year-Old Freight Carrier Overcomes Crisis to Transform Into a Freight And Logistics Technology Leader

Facing the prospect of bringing its operations to a screaming halt, this client modernized its legacy applications and systems to support skyrocketing user demand.

Publisher Transforms Into Digital Publishing Leader With Modern Software Delivery Platform

Facing pressure to digitize its books, this publisher recognized the need for innovation and made building exceptional digital products its top priority.

Proforma Eliminates Configuration Headaches and Accelerates Deployments with Ansible

Proforma was burdened with manual, legacy processes for maintaining their hardware and virtual machine environments. As the business scaled, these inefficient processes could not keep pace with infrastructure growth without proportional increases in headcount.