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Shadow-Soft Academy Expands Course Offerings to Address Enterprise Platform Challenges

November 14, 2023

Shadow-Soft is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Shadow-Soft Academy. Building on the success of the Academy's launch in February 2023, Shadow-Soft is proud to introduce nine new technical courses that aim to equip engineers with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle real-world challenges.

Shadow-Soft Welcomes Gartner's 2024 IT Services Spending Forecast Projecting 12 Percent Increase

October 11, 2023

Shadow-Soft understands the complexities involved in optimizing existing systems and infrastructure. With years of experience as a trusted open-source system integrator and deep expertise in automation, migration, and containerization, Shadow-Soft is well-positioned to benefit from this increased spending.

Shadow-Soft Paves the Way for 2024 Success: Offers Free IT Stack Assessments and Expert Evaluation

September 13, 2023

Shadow-Soft is taking a bold step towards supporting businesses as they plan for the future by offering free IT stack assessments through its proprietary Frameworks. This initiative empowers organizations to gain valuable insights into their IT infrastructure, build robust roadmaps, and set budgets for a transformative 2024.

Shadow-Soft Achieves Record Revenue in First Half of 2023

August 15, 2023

Shadow-Soft proudly announces a remarkable achievement in the first half of 2023 with record-breaking revenue growth. This milestone comes at a pivotal moment in the technology landscape as the industry undergoes significant shifts catalyzed by the impending end of life of CentOS, further propelling companies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

Shadow-Soft Unveils Groundbreaking Infrastructure Agility API

July 12, 2023

Shadow-Soft, a leading-edge systems integrator known for its Kubernetes Academy, announced a significant breakthrough in enterprise infrastructure agility leveraging Kubernetes to enable true cross-environment scalability, seamless mobility, and embedded multi-layered security.

Shadow-Soft Revolutionizes Retail with Kubernetes

June 5, 2023

Shadow-Soft, a leading Kubernetes systems integrator, is helping retailers deal with fluctuating demand, fragmented supply chains, and labor turnover which can improve customer experiences inside and outside of stores.  

Shadow-Soft 4C’s Framework Addresses Technology Attacks and Vulnerabilities

May 10, 2023

Shadow-Soft is drawing attention to cyber attacks that are happening every 39 seconds on average according to the non-profit Information Security Forum.

Alleviate Kubernetes Anxiety With Stress Assessment Framework Exercise (SAFE)

April 4, 2023

April marks Stress Awareness Month, a time to focus on the importance of managing stress and relieving anxiety. In parallel with this important health initiative, Shadow-Soft is introducing its Kubernetes Stress Assessment Framework Exercise (SAFE) as a tool to help businesses alleviate stress for their IT Operations and Development teams.

Shadow-Soft Achieves Record Revenues Driven by Kubernetes Deployments

March 8, 2023 

Shadow-Soft is pleased to announce record revenues for 2022. These revenues were driven by the successful deployment of Kubernetes with enterprise clients in high-velocity industries such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, and finance.

Why NeuVector Trumps Traditional Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in Kubernetes

February 14, 2023

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the go-to platform for container orchestration and for a good reason. It allows organizations to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications in a highly-available and resilient manner. However, as Kubernetes becomes more widely adopted, it’s important to remember that the most critical responsibility for any organization operating Kubernetes is securing the platform and the workloads running on it.

Shadow-Soft Launches Kubernetes Academy: Free Online Education Platform To Make IT Pros Indispensable

January 31, 2023

Shadow-Soft, a leading Kubernetes systems integrator, is excited to announce the launch of Kubernetes Academy, a free online education platform to teach the skills needed to become proficient in Kubernetes, the leading open source container orchestration system.