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Shadow-Soft Academy


Mastering Kubernetes: From Basics to Advanced Concepts

Learn everything from the basic concepts of containers and Kubernetes, to advanced topics such as workload scheduling, taints, tolerations, and deployments. 

Securing Kubernetes in the Enterprise

Learn about the need for a new security framework, the "4 C's" framework for thinking through security considerations.

HashiCorp Vault in Kubernetes

Learn how to deploy and configure Vault in a Kubernetes cluster, integrate Vault with Kubernetes, store secrets in Vault, manage access control, create roles and service accounts in Kubernetes, and more.

Managing Infrastructure Nodes in OpenShift 4.x

Learn how to export and update worker node machinesets, deploy new nodes, create machinesets for multi-zone clusters, move components to infrastructure nodes, and validate the successful migration of components.

Using External Container Registries in OpenShift 4.x

Learn about the differences between insecure and secure/private registries, how to edit image configuration, create a configmap with a registry certificate, and create a global pull secret.

Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure with Skupper and Neuvector

Learn how to install and configure Skupper and Neuvector, create virtual application networks, deploy Neuvector on AKS clusters, configure multi-cluster management, create federation policies and groups, manage network rules and traffic, and more.

MicroK8s and Rancher Desktop Introduction

Learn how to install and configure MicroK8s and Rancher Desktop, as well as how to effectively manage resources, customize clusters, and visualize your Kubernetes environment.

Crossplane: Connecting Kubernetes to External Resources

Learn about the building blocks of Crossplane, how to extend it with packages, and how to choose the right tool for infrastructure provisioning.

How to Deploy Longhorn for Kubernetes Storage

Learn how to deploy Longhorn on a Kubernetes cluster, configure backup targets, use Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) in Longhorn, install MinIO for replication purposes, and troubleshoot common issues.

Kubernetes 101

Learn about the benefits of automation and scalability in handling unpredictable demand. The course covers the 5 secrets of Kubernetes, including the importance of health assessment and bridging the gap between operations and development.

Kubernetes Platform Health Assessment

Use this module to display team members, recent work and anything else!