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Cost Reduction

Enables significant savings compared to proprietary solutions with an open source virtualization platform.

Simplified Management

Unifies VMs and containers, streamlining operations from a single control plane.

Complete Solution

Provides a comprehensive platform with built-in automation, monitoring, logging, and networking capabilities.


Modernize with OpenShift - A Journey Beyond Cost Savings

In today's rapidly evolving IT landscape, enterprise IT teams are grappling with the challenges posed by Broadcom VMware's licensing costs and support uncertainty. As your company grows, these issues can significantly impact your budget and hinder your ability to deliver IT solutions. That’s why we've partnered with Red Hat to develop a specialized solution offering.

What We Do

1. Assess VMware Environment and Create a Modernization Plan

We’ll collaborate with you to develop a tailored migration strategy and roadmap by:

  • Understanding your business objectives and IT strategy
  • Assessing your current VMware environment, including infrastructure, VM configurations, storage, and networking
  • Interviewing your team to understand current VM workloads, dependencies, and performance requirements
  • Analyzing your VM workloads to identify migration candidates
  • Reviewing your current security standards and compliance requirements to ensure a secure migration
  • Evaluating your team's skills and identifying training needs

2. Implement and Optimize Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

We'll implement or optimize Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization by:

  • Creating a tailored deployment or optimization plan
  • Validating target infrastructure to ensure compatibility
  • Deploying and installing Red Hat OpenShift with Virtualization, following best practices
    Configuring authentication, network, and storage settings for optimal performance and security
  • Integrating with required tooling, such as monitoring, logging, and backup solutions

3. Migrate VM Workloads to Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

We’ll help you prioritize and migrate your workloads:

  • Legacy applications
  • Databases
  • Web servers
  • Application servers
  • Batch processing workloads


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Let's Talk About Your Project

Learn more about how are approaching this with our customers:

Learn More About Our Solution

VMware to Red Hat Migration Solution Brief

Get a thorough assessment of the existing app platform and we'll provide a list of recommendations and a roadmap based on your objectives, priorities, and constraints.

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Navigating VMware Uncertainty: On Demand Webinar

We help accelerate the implementation of new platforms by providing seasoned architects to mentor internal teams and solve intricate architectural challenges.

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OpenShift Virtualization: The Future of Virtualization

Red Hat® OpenShift® Virtualization is a feature of Red Hat OpenShift that allows you to run and manage virtual machine (VM) and container workloads side by side.

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"Our partnership with Red Hat allows us to offer a robust, cost-effective alternative to VMware, enabling our clients to reduce their licensing costs and gain greater control over their IT infrastructure."


Ross Beard, VP, Partner Alliances, Shadow-Soft

Learn More Before Working With Us

Read our guide that details the 5-Step Roadmap for Upgrading Legacy Systems and Apps.