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Icinga Support Options

Monitor your network, servers, and applications in a secure and reliable way. Keep an eye on your infrastructure and stay up-to-date with current issues. As an Enterprise Partner of Icinga, Shadow-Soft is the exclusive provider of Icinga Support for North American based customers.

  Basic Premium Enterprise
Response Times      
1st Level NBD NBD NBD
2nd Level NBD 8h 4h
3rd Level 8h 4h 2h
Amount of Conditions      
Icinga Servers (Master and Satellite nodes) 2 5 10
Icinga Hosts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support Cases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24x7 Support Cases N/A N/A 18
Contacts and Channels      
Number of Contacts 2 3 5
Email Included Included Included
Phone Included Included Included
Remote Debugging Included Included Included
Remote Consulting Days 0 1 2
Core Products      
Icinga 2 Included Included Included
Icinga Web 2 Included Included Included
Icinga DB Included Included Included
Icinga Director Included Included Included
Icinga for Windows Included Included Included
Reporting Included Included Included
Business Process Modelling Included Included Included
Certificate Monitoring Included Included Included
Module for JIRA Included Included Included
Module for Graphite Included Included Included
Module for Elasticsearch Included Included Included
Icingabeat Included Included Included
Module for vSphere® Optional Included Included
Additional Services      
Repository Subscription Included Included Included
Additional Icinga Servers Optional Optional Optional

Icinga Pricing

Repository Only


Includes packages for additional operating systems and software



Additional Servers $2,000/year



Contact us for a quote



Contact us for a quote

What's Included With Icinga Support

  • More automation and less risk. Access to Shadow-Soft’s automation scripts and validated packages gives customers the confidence to deploy Icinga faster, with less risk. Use the extra time to focus on customizing your infrastructure monitoring environment.
  • Quality assurance. Rely on certified integrations and plugins to extend Icinga’s capabilities for your use case.  Browse the Icinga Exchange for the latest community driven plugins.
  • Access to validated architecture. Our documented reference architectures provide validated, enterprise solutions that are stable, scalable, and secure.
  • What you want when you need it. Customers receive access to a private repo with enterprise linux packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SLES, & Amazon Linux 2 distributions.  Public and private Icinga Fundamentals & Icinga Advanced training courses are held regularly.
  • Access to experts.  9am-6pm in your timezone or 24-hour support when you need it.  Work collaboratively with the Icinga community developers to extend in-house expertise and let you deploy with confidence.
  • Architectural assessments. Active subscriptions are entitled to an annual review by our expert engineers to ensure your monitoring solution is performing optimally and can scale with your needs.

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