Consulting that takes the risk out of emerging technology

CI/CD & Automation

Conquer scalability and governance challenges with our CI/CD framework



Get to market faster, increase portability, and reduce costs with containerized apps in Kubernetes

Monitoring & Analytics

Solve your toughest IT management problem with our flexible monitoring solutions


Do you struggle with emerging technology?

  • Do you find it hard to pick the right technology?
  • Did your last technology project miss deadlines?
  • Are you struggling to bridge the gap between legacy and emerging technology?
  • Do you need tech skillsets that aren’t on your team?
  • Is it time to seek third-party advice?
  • Does integration seem like an overwhelming task?

Flexible access to engineers and consultants

Change is happening fast and budgets are tight; you don’t always need a whole team of engineers at once. Shadow-Soft provides flexible access to experienced engineers and consultants to help you evaluate, adopt, and integrate emerging technologies.


Training at Shadow-Soft

Technology Strategy

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