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Shadow-Soft Unveils Groundbreaking Infrastructure Agility API

Cross-environment scalability, seamless mobility, and embedded multi-layer security now possible with a software-defined approach.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES -- Shadow-Soft, a leading-edge systems integrator known for its Kubernetes Academy, announced a significant breakthrough in enterprise infrastructure agility leveraging Kubernetes to enable true cross-environment scalability, seamless mobility, and embedded multi-layered security.

Infrastructure Agility, powered by Shadow-Soft's Unified Management API built on Open Standards, empowers organizations to effortlessly move any cluster at any time, creating a truly agnostic infrastructure environment. By leveraging the power of Kubernetes, businesses gain unparalleled flexibility, enabling hyperscalar autoscaling of containers and virtual machines (VMs) across diverse environments.

"With Infrastructure Agility, we are enabling businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of adaptability and efficiency," said Nick Marcarelli, Shadow-Soft VP of Engineering and Business Operations. "By utilizing our Unified Management API and Kubernetes, companies can break free from the limitations imposed by traditional infrastructure models and embrace a software-defined approach."

"Infrastructure Agility creates a brand new way to optimize your environment. Using software to reduce complexity and cut costs without changing your infrastructure should be in everyone's 2024 budget.” — Nick Marcarelli

Key features and benefits of Shadow-Soft's Infrastructure Agility solution include:

  • True Cross-Environment Scalability: Infrastructure Agility enables organizations to seamlessly scale containers and VMs across various environments, including on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid cloud setups. This eliminates the need for multiple management tools and allows businesses to optimize resource allocation effortlessly.
  • Seamless Mobility: With Shadow-Soft's innovative solution, businesses can move clusters with ease, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This portability empowers companies to respond to changing business needs, relocate workloads efficiently, and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Embedded Multi-Layered Security: Infrastructure Agility places security at the core of its design. As Gartner recommended in its Top Strategic Cybersecurity Trends 2023, embedding multi-layered security across all environments helps businesses minimize risks and safeguard critical assets, regardless of the infrastructure's location.

Shadow-Soft's Infrastructure Agility solution is a game-changer for companies with complex infrastructures. By leveraging the power of software-defined environments, organizations gain the agility necessary to adapt quickly to evolving business demands while minimizing costs and complexity.

For more information about Infrastructure Agility and other solutions offered by Shadow-Soft, please contact us.