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Shadow-Soft Paves the Way for 2024 Success: Offers Free IT Stack Assessments and Expert Evaluation

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES--Shadow-Soft, a recognized leader in Digital Transformation solutions, is taking a bold step towards supporting businesses as they plan for the future by offering free IT stack assessments through its proprietary Frameworks. This initiative empowers organizations to gain valuable insights into their IT infrastructure, build robust roadmaps, and set budgets for a transformative 2024.

“In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a clear understanding of your infrastructure is paramount for business success. Our customers found conducting an IT stack assessment helped break down silos and work with business leaders to understand their current technology ecosystem, identify areas for improvement, and prepare for 2024,” said James Chinn, CEO of Shadow-Soft.

Key Offering Details:

  • Free IT Stack Assessments:
    • Shadow-Soft's proprietary Frameworks will be made available to companies at no cost.
    • Organizations can assess their IT stack comprehensively, gaining critical insights into their current technology landscape.
    • These assessments serve as a solid foundation for strategic planning, helping businesses identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Expert Evaluation by Enterprise Architects:
    • Shadow-Soft's team of seasoned Enterprise Architects will review and evaluate the completed Framework assessments.
    • This evaluation ensures accuracy and provides organizations with expert feedback on their assessments, helping them fine-tune their strategies.
    • Enterprise Architects will also recommend the latest open-source technologies that can simplify, stabilize, and scale complex infrastructures, aligning them with industry best practices.
  • Industry Benchmarking and Risk by Effort Evaluation:
    • Compare your IT stack and digital transformation efforts against other companies in your industry.
    • Receive a comprehensive risk by effort evaluation to identify security vulnerabilities, reduce cloud and tool costs, and expedite application development to production cycle times.
    • Leverage insights and best practices from industry peers to stay competitive.

"At Shadow-Soft, our mission is to empower businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in the digital landscape," said Nick Marcarelli, VP of Engineering and Business Operations at Shadow-Soft. "Our Frameworks not only provide a detailed assessment of your IT stack and expert guidance but also benchmarks you against industry standards. This holistic approach ensures that our clients can not only plan for 2024 but also mitigate risks, optimize costs, and expedite their digital transformation journeys to lead the way in their respective industries."

To take advantage of this comprehensive offering and prepare for a successful 2024, please visit https://shadow-soft.com/frameworks.