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Shadow-Soft Academy Expands Course Offerings to Address Enterprise Platform Challenges

Nine new technical courses to equip engineers with skills to tackle real-world challenges

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES -- Shadow-Soft, an open source systems integrator specializing in helping enterprises with their digital transformations, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Shadow-Soft Academy. Building on the success of the Academy's launch in February 2023, Shadow-Soft is proud to introduce nine new technical courses that aim to equip engineers with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle real-world challenges.

Shadow-Soft has developed these free courses to provide engineers and IT professionals with the tools necessary to excel in today's complex and ever-evolving technology landscape. The newly added courses include:

  1. Kubernetes: Basic to Advanced Concepts
  2. Securing Kubernetes in the Enterprise
  3. HashiCorp Vault in Kubernetes
  4. Managing Infrastructure Nodes in OpenShift 4.x
  5. Using External Container Registries in OpenShift 4.x
  6. Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure with Skupper and NeuVector
  7. MicroK8s and Rancher Desktop Introduction
  8. Crossplane: Connecting Kubernetes to External Resources
  9. How to Deploy Longhorn for Kubernetes Storage

These courses have been meticulously designed to address the specific challenges engineers encounter in the world of enterprise platform construction and management. “Automation and containerization are difficult. We noticed our customers getting stuck because of a lack of integration knowledge. So we decided to step in and explain what to do and how to do it,” explained Nick Marcarelli, VP of Engineering and Business Operations.

As Kubernetes experts, Shadow-Soft has a proven track record of working with enterprises and large companies to help them navigate the complexities of modern technology stacks. By expanding the Academy's offerings, Shadow-Soft continues to exemplify its commitment to empowering engineers and IT professionals to create, optimize, and maintain enterprise platforms effectively.

"We are thrilled to announce this expansion of the Shadow-Soft Academy," said James Chinn, CEO of Shadow-Soft. "Our new courses are a testament to our dedication to helping engineers conquer real-world challenges in enterprise platform construction and management. At Shadow-Soft, we believe in 'Making Optimal Possible,' and these courses will play a significant role in achieving that goal."

Shadow-Soft Academy's new courses are now available for free. To learn more about these courses or to register, please visit www.shadow-soft.com/academy.