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Red Hat Launches Ansible Lightspeed - A Generative AI Capability

DevOps teams, get ready for a major upgrade. Red Hat recently unveiled Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant, a new capability that leverages generative AI to transform how DevOps teams work.

Ansible Lightspeed taps into the power of generative AI to help DevOps teams work faster and smarter. With code recommendations powered by watsonx, you can quickly generate reliable Ansible code based on your prompts and intent. Content source matching provides transparency into the origins of each recommendation, fostering trust in the AI-generated code.

This new feature comes included with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, with the additional purchase of watsonx Code Assistant to unlock the full generative capabilities.

Here are some of the key benefits Ansible Lightspeed can provide DevOps teams:

  • Enhanced developer productivity - Generate code more efficiently directly within your VS Code editor
  • Accelerated automation adoption - Confidently adopt automation with code quality controls and best practice adherence
  • Maintained codebase quality - Leverage code scanning and updates to keep automation content current
  • Expanded automation contributors - Empower more team members to translate expertise into Ansible code

Ansible Lightspeed Datasheet

What could your team do with Ansible Lightspeed?

Speed up developer productivity.

Unless your team is the Red Bull of Formula 1, discover why Ansible Lightspeed is a great option to help solve your inconsistent and slow deployments.