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OneBridge Modernizes Application to Deliver Speed, Flexibility, and Cost Savings to its Customers

In an effort to bring more value to customers, OneBridge embarked on an initiative to improve the way it delivered account statements and other daily correspondences to its customers. The company had been relying heavily on a 3rd-party print vendor which hindered their ability to be nimble and responsive to their client and resulted in increased cost to the overall model.

Michelle Andhor, Director of Product Development, and John Jacobi, Solution Architect, wanted to enhance their product offering by developing a solution to bring the processing of statements in house, which would reduce the time to delivery and reduce the cost to customers.

Michelle engaged Shadow-Soft to work with her internal development team on reviewing and architecting a Kubernetes platform that could scale with increases in demand. The new platform needed to quickly scale with Azure to handle the processing of hundreds of documents in seconds.

“Our objective was to create a scalable print solution that offered our clients increased flexibility and efficiency, and overall cost savings,” said Michelle Andhor.

Shadow-Soft worked with OneBridge to assess its application, infrastructure, and container strategy, providing a report with recommendations to help the application scale with increases in demand. Shadow-Soft then worked with OneBridge to architect and implement a solution using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), which included autoscaling and integration with monitoring and security platforms.

“OneBridge is a leader in the HRA market, competing on speed and flexibility,” said Ross Beard, Vice President at Shadow-Soft. “We quickly understood how this project tied to OneBridge’s business objectives. We were ecstatic to hear the successful project reduced statement delivery times from two weeks to within hours. At Shadow-Soft, we strive to understand how our customer’s immediate needs impact their big picture business objectives.”

The OneBridge platform is now responsible for processing all statements internally, which is delivering significant cost savings and efficiency gains. OneBridge is passing on these savings to its customers with most seeing a 40% cost reduction in their printing costs. Customers are now receiving their statements within hours via their online portal, significantly faster than the two weeks they had to wait in the past.

In addition, OneBridge customers now have a flexible print model to communicate to their participants. In the future, OneBridge will work with its customers to build business logic that can be customized to meet their specific communication needs.

About OneBridge Benefits

OneBridge Benefits specializes in bringing cutting edge technology and client focused administration services to account based health plans including Funded HRAs (Health Reimbursement Accounts) and FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts).

About Shadow-Soft

Shadow-Soft helps growing companies scale applications, accelerate time to market, and avoid expensive licensing costs by modernizing infrastructure and applications with containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud.