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Less is MORE


A couple of cartoons ago, we poked fun at the annual blood sport of Budget Season where finance folks keep saying “No” to your requests for funding projects.

Here’s one reason why finance folks are so skeptical of funding your “mission-critical” project. They view your IT budget as a never-ending drain of cash. 

Too often IT leaders lose sight that less is more - usually much more! Because with added complexity comes added integrations and added updates/patches and added administrator overhead to attend to this complexity.

As most of you know, CentOS is nearing its end of life. There seem to be two trains of thought. One is to just kick the can down the road and migrate to RHEL. The other is to use this opportunity to containerize or refactor workloads.

Both approaches are going to require careful planning to make sure business operations continue uninterrupted. That’s why we wrote this article on CentOS Migration Options. Read it to learn the four options you have and some lessons learned from our work with clients.