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Death By A Thousand Cuts

There are three reasons digital transformations don’t happen. People don’t know where to start, don’t know the proven path, and don’t have the people they need.

And the harsh reality is that without that knowledge, your transformation is going to experience death by a thousand cuts. Worst of all, your best and brightest will get discouraged and disengage.

These cuts also increase complexity, slow you down, and make you vulnerable to budget cuts. Harvard Business Review reported that projects that don’t deliver a quick win in 90-days have a failure rate of 90% because priorities change, people leave or get promoted, leadership turns over, or budgets get cut.

As Nadim Matta, Head Catalyst and founding Board member of the Rapid Results Institute observed,

“Managers expect they can plan for all the variables in a complex project in advance, but they can’t. Nobody is that smart or has that clear a crystal ball.”

The key is to use adaptable Frameworks so people and organizations can consistently and predictably produce rapid results. Rapid results wake up organizations to the art of moving quickly and encouraging an often-dispirited workforce. The alternative is for your initiatives to die by a thousand cuts. That’s not good for your project, your organization, and it certainly isn’t good for you. Download the Architecture Framework and stop the bleeding!

Kubernetes Stability & Migration Workshop

To help survive the cuts, get buy-in, align cross-functional teams, and build unstoppable momentum, we created a 1.5 day Stability & Migration Workshop to help you create (8) Environment Maps to keep your team fired up and believing in your Kubernetes vision.

Normally, this is a $15k investment, but if you meet certain requirements (based on the number of clusters), it could be at no charge.