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CyGlass Modernizes Platform Architecture to Control Costs and Improve Scalability

CyGlass’s Network Defense as-a-Service (NDaaS) solution simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to a network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people

CyGlass engaged Shadow-Soft for help with planning and building its next-generation architecture on AWS. The company wanted to make better use of containerization and container orchestration tools to control infrastructure costs and improve scalability.

“Shadow-Soft has a fantastic reputation in the open-source community. Shadow-Soft’s work was foundational to what we’ve done architecturally since. As we continue to do test, probe and analyze the solution, Shadow-Soft’s recommendations help to keep us on track” – Josh Bregman, VP of Technology at CyGlass


Like a lot of growing companies, CyGlass needed to overcome challenges holding back its deployment speed and agility. Technical and cost limitations associated with CyGlass’s current platform architecture impacted their ability to meet growing customer demand for its solution.

Infrastructure costs

To confidently grow the customer base without compromising the balance sheet, CyGlass needs to control the rising costs associated with provisioning new clusters each time it brings on a new set of clients. CyGlass’s existing platform architecture could not scale to meet customer demand.

Single-tenant architecture

The CyGlass application architecture was based upon cluster-singletons, which were cumbersome to deploy and could not be customized for utilization. This made it difficult to sustainably bring on additional, and larger customers.

Flexibility and portability

CyGlass’s application required the new multi-tenant architecture to move between multiple public cloud providers and on-prem data centers.

“By optimizing our infrastructure we can keep costs down for our customers.”


Shadow-Soft engineers helped CyGlass in three phases: Assessment, Implementation, and Enablement.

Migrate from Amazon EC2 to Amazon EKS to help control infrastructure costs

Shadow-Soft engineers migrated the application from Amazon EC2 to Amazon EKS, allowing CyGlass to move from a single-tenant architecture to a multi-tenant architecture.

Build architecture roadmap with recommendations

Shadow-Soft engineers built a detailed architecture roadmap to help CyGlass implement a multi-tenant, multi-cloud, modern architecture.

Microservices-based platform provides portability

Shadow-Soft engineers assisted in refactoring the application to a microservices architecture, giving CyGlass the flexibility to move from one cloud provider to another with a standard Kubernetes-based environment.

“We’re delighted to see that all of Shadow-Soft’s recommendations helped energize and galvanize the team, pointing us in the right direction. CyGlass now has a solid platform to bring on more large customers.”


CyGlass is realizing a 3X reduction in platform infrastructure costs and a 12X reduction in build time.

Engaging Shadow-Soft allows CyGlass to reduce the risk associated with migrating to modern multi-tenant architecture. By quickly evaluating and selecting the best architecture to support CyGlass’s growth, the company can confidently build onto its platform knowing they have a great foundation.

In addition, the new platform provides CyGlass with increased agility. The company is now in a great position to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and sustainably bring on new customers in a controlled manner.

Reduction in platform infrastructure costs

Reducing AWS infrastructure costs allows CyGlass to confidently manage one of it’s largest expenses.

Reduction in build time

Implementing a multi-tenant architecture reduced platform build time required for onboarding new customers, allowing CyGlass to confidently meet increasing customer demand.