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Busy But Not Productive

it-cartoon-agilityThe word ‘agile’ has been subverted to the point where it is effectively meaningless.

Here’s the problem. Ask a dozen technologists what Agile means to them, and you may hear a dozen (or more) definitions, replete with descriptions of tactics (like stand-up meetings) or buzzwords (like “scrum” or “kanban”, or even “scrumban”). As with many buzzwords, behaviors don’t match the words.

Yesterday a customer told us that he was “Busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes.” When we asked for more details, his team was clearly overwhelmed, but nowhere close to achieving half of their annual goals.

Sound familiar? Soon you’ll be asked for budgets for next year and if you don’t have a clear strategy and roadmap, you’ll be busier next year than this year, but even less productive.

That’s why we created our Innovation Workshop. IT and Business leaders can focus on what’s really important and agree to get the budgets necessary to make meaningful change.

You’ll outline the problem, how it impacts your business, explain your solution, how it works, and what you need to deliver transformation in a detailed 12-month roadmap. I promise that you’ll get more done in 36 hours, than in 3-6 months. 

Be agile now. You don’t have 3-6 months to waste.


Innovation Workshops are led by Kurt Baumberger, Duke University Innovation & Entrepreneur Instructor and Shadow-Soft EVP of Innovation and Strategy. Learn more about Kurt by visiting his LinkedIn profile.