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Accelerate Observability Platform Rollouts with Proven Experts

We fast-track observability platform implementation enabling teams end-to-end visibility and actionable insights to rapidly detect and remediate issues before customers are impacted.

observability and monitoring consulting


Accelerate the Adoption of New Technologies

Decrease Time it Takes to Modernize Systems and Apps 

Increase ROI on Technology Investments

Outages and Errors Got You Guessing?

When an application fails, getting it back up fast matters most.

But lack of visibility into root causes often sparks finger-pointing instead of fixes.

That's why companies turn to Shadow-Soft. We help customers adopt modern observability to instantly identify failures and remediate rapidly.

With 10 years of experience, certifications and 20+ successful deployments, we equip clients with full-stack observability to cut outage remediation from hours to minutes.

observability and monitoring solutions

Observability and Monitoring Consulting Services


We help companies successfully implement and adopt observability and monitoring platforms.

Observability and Monitoring Assessment

We thoroughly assess your current observability and monitoring pipelines, tools, and practices to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Platform Adoption Services

Our experts guide your teams on effectively adopting new observability platforms through architecture and deployment, custom integrations, configuration, and ongoing support.

Dashboards and Reporting

We design visually appealing dashboards and reports that contextualize your data, providing actionable insights across your teams.

AI Observability

Leveraging AI algorithms, we build smarter monitoring pipelines to analyze system metrics, logs, and traces - detecting anomalies faster.

Log Management and Analytics

We aggregate data from all your systems and infrastructure into one platform, analyze it, and build custom visualizations and alerts to deliver operational insights.

Integrations with ITSM

We integrate your observability platforms with IT service desks and management systems for streamlined issue tracking and resolution workflows.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

“Shadow-Soft's work helped us increase team productivity by reducing the amount of time we spend on configuration during critical product launches from 6 hours to 30 minutes.”


Brian Carothers, CIO at Proforma

Our 5-Step Modernization Process



Get a thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, applications, processes, and business needs. We’ll provide a list of recommendations and a roadmap based on your objectives, priorities, and constraints.


Architecture and Deployment

Get designs and solutions from seasoned architects for a modern platform that is based on your objectives, priorities, and constraints. Using our 15 years of experience, we’ll then fast-track the deployment of your platform, cutting rollout time down drastically.



Get engineers embedded into your team to support the successful implementation of the new platform. We’ll guide your organization through the implementation steps to ensure successful adoption so that you can quickly recognize a return on your technology investment.


Application Development

Get fast access to developers to accelerate the rewriting or building of new applications. We’ll provide US and nearshore developers quickly so you can staff up and down based on your needs.


Managed Services

Get proactive and strategic management of your systems that includes 24/7 monitoring and alerting, ongoing maintenance and patching, and security and compliance governance.

Ready to Accelerate Modernization?

1. Schedule Discovery Call

A 30-minute deep dive into your company's modernization initiatives.

2. Get a Modernization Roadmap

A roadmap showing you everything you need to do to start upgrading your legacy systems and apps.

3. Fast-track the Modernization of Legacy Systems and Apps

We'll get started on deploying new systems and supporting your team with adoption and development. Most of our clients start upgrading legacy systems within 90 days.

Work With Us

Our Services Include:
  • Assessment
  • Architecture and Deployment
  • Adoption
  • Application Development
  • Managed Services

Learn More Before Working With Us

Read our guide that details the 5-Step Roadmap for Upgrading Legacy Systems and Apps.