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Get Developers to Support Your Modernization Initiatives

We help companies accelerate the rewriting of legacy applications and the building of new applications by augmenting their development teams with US and nearshore developers.

application development services


Accelerate the Adoption of New Technologies

Decrease Time it Takes to Modernize Systems and Apps 

Increase ROI on Technology Investments

Struggling to Quickly Staff Projects With Developers?

When you need to scale developer teams fast, nothing is more important than proven expertise and on-demand availability.

That's why companies trust Shadow-Soft. Our team has experience across Front End, Backend, Mobile, UX, Operator Development, and Ansible Module Development.

We provide on-demand access to these resources so you can rapidly augment your teams with plug-and-play staff for your most urgent projects.

app dev services firm

Application Development Services


We help companies successfully quickly staff projects with developers.

Application Assessment

We thoroughly assess your applications to identity opportunities for modernization, optimization, and improved infrastructure integration.

Front-End and Backend Development

We design and build front-end applications and robust back-end systems using latest frameworks to deliver great user experiences.

Mobile and UX

Our experts design highly intuitive mobile applications and digital experiences that users love.

Kubernetes Operator Development

We develop Kubernetes operators to seamlessly manage complex applications and services on Kubernetes.

Terraform Development

Our Terraform experts build reusable, testable infrastructure-as-code modules to provision and manage robust cloud and on-prem environments in a consistent, automated manner.

Ansible Module Development

We build custom Ansible modules and roles to standardize and automate your deployments, configuration management, and more.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

“Shadow-Soft's work helped us increase team productivity by reducing the amount of time we spend on configuration during critical product launches from 6 hours to 30 minutes.”


Brian Carothers, CIO at Proforma

Our 5-Step Modernization Process



Get a thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, applications, processes, and business needs. We’ll provide a list of recommendations and a roadmap based on your objectives, priorities, and constraints.


Architecture and Deployment

Get designs and solutions from seasoned architects for a modern platform that is based on your objectives, priorities, and constraints. Using our 15 years of experience, we’ll then fast-track the deployment of your platform, cutting rollout time down drastically.



Get engineers embedded into your team to support the successful implementation of the new platform. We’ll guide your organization through the implementation steps to ensure successful adoption so that you can quickly recognize a return on your technology investment.



Get fast access to developers to accelerate the rewriting or building of new applications and automation code. We’ll provide US and nearshore developers quickly so you can staff up and down based on your needs.


Ongoing Support

Get support for your infrastructure and platforms, including monitoring and alerting, ongoing maintenance and patching, and security and compliance governance.

Ready to Accelerate Modernization?

1. Schedule Discovery Call

A 30-minute deep dive into your company's modernization initiatives.

2. Get a Modernization Roadmap

A roadmap showing you everything you need to do to start upgrading your legacy platforms and apps.

3. Fast-track the Modernization of Legacy Platforms

We'll start quickly on deploying new platforms and supporting your team with adoption. Most of our clients start using their new platforms within 90 days.

Work With Us

Our Services Include:
  • Assessment
  • Architecture and Deployment
  • Adoption
  • Development
  • Ongoing Support

Learn More Before Working With Us

Read our guide that details the 5-Step Roadmap for Upgrading Legacy Systems and Apps.