Our people are our best resource

Shadow-Soft’s consultants and engineers help organizations take the complexity and risk out of emerging technology. Customers partner with us when they want to evaluate, adopt, and integrate emerging technologies.

Why Shadow-Soft?

Take the risk out of emerging technology

Emerging technology brings a lot of flexibility and control, but it comes with more risk. Customers partner with us to reduce that risk.

You’re a long-term partner, not a transaction

Technology vendors often see you as a transaction; we see you as a long-term partner and we align our success with your success.

Unique expertise and certifications

Our team is highly skilled and certified in many emerging technologies. Customers call us when they need a specific skill set that they don’t have on their team.

“Shadow-Soft provided a high-level breakdown of each configuration management tool. This helped us evaluate each tool from an automation perspective.”

– Mark Hallock, Lead Linux Engineer at SunTrust


Shadow-Soft partner certifications

Spotlight on our team

Our consultants and engineers hold more than 80 industry and partner certifications. Each team member updates their skill sets through rigorous certification courses and work experience.

20+ different Red Hat certifications

10 certified Ansible consultants

10 certified JBoss consultants

3 certified Openshift consultants

9 Chef certified delivery engineers

6 certified Icinga engineers

2 Mesosphere certified delivery engineers

5 AWS certified delivery specialists

2 Puppet certified professionals

2 certified Microsoft Azure consultants