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100-Year-Old Publisher Transforms Into Digital Publishing Leader With Modern Software Delivery Platform

Facing pressure to digitize its books, this publisher recognized the need for innovation and made building exceptional digital products its top priority.

Publisher's Slow And Unreliable Software Development Process Was A Ticking Time Bomb.

A 100-year-old publishing company that releases 400 books each year was facing pressure to digitize its books to support the changing needs of its customers, who were educators and students.

To adapt to this shift in consumer behavior, the client recognized the need for innovation and made building exceptional digital products its top priority. It has introduced new digital products, such as ebooks, quizzes, assignments, and videos, with the aim of turning the 100-year-old publisher into a software company.

However, in order to turn this vision into a reality, the publisher needed to improve its slow and unreliable software development process. Without the ability to confidently write, test, and deploy new software in a fast and predictable manner, they were going to miss out on opportunities to introduce new digital products and face the prospect of losing customers to our competitors.


Manual And Inconsistent Workflows Identified As Root Cause Of Slow Deployments.

Step 1: Triage the Problem

The client worked with Shadow-Soft to assess its environment and software development process. They determined that the manual and inconsistent workflows were creating failures that were slowing down deployments.

Step 2: Fix Slow and Unreliable Software Development Process

The client unlocked software development speed by standardizing its deployment process with Kubernetes. The client used SUSE Rancher for Kubernetes management, GitLab for code management and integration, SUSE Fleet for continuous deployment. The client also deployed Prometheus and Grafana to provide the engineering and DevOps teams with end-to-end visibility across the software development lifecycle. This allowed them to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues before they became costly failures in production.

Step 3: Enable Team to Use New Software Development Platform

The client worked with Shadow-Soft to deliver training and enablement on the company's new software development process to its engineering and DevOps teams. In addition, the client created a knowledge base for Kubernetes lessons learned to help its people learn Kubernetes basics.


New Software Delivery Platform Is A Game-Changer For Digital Publishing.

Reduced Deployment Failures

With a well-architected environment designed for speed, the client can confidently write, test, and deploy software without concerns about failures in production.

Improved Software Development Speed

Developers now have a standardized, fast, and reliable process for building and deploying software. This eliminates the need for spending excessive time on manual infrastructure-related tasks.

Accelerated Innovation

The client transitioned from scheduling deployments on a monthly cadence to a weekly cadence, which has allowed it to accelerate innovation for its digital products.

The new software delivery platform has transformed the publisher into a digital publishing powerhouse. Gone are the days of slow, cumbersome development cycles. With the new platform, the publisher can now deliver new digital products at a rapid pace. This gives them a significant advantage over their competitors, who are still struggling to keep up with the digital publishing revolution.


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