OpenShift Consulting

Kubernetes Consulting Certifications

On-Demand OpenShift Consulting

OpenShift Implementation Services

  • Provision and configure OpenShift cluster with cluster sizing, capacity planning, storage, and monitoring
  • Configure platform operations, including security, backup, performance, logging, and metrics
  • Integrate Cloud Services, CI/CD pipelines, Monitoring, and Security

OpenShift Training and Enablement

  • “Over the shoulder” training
  • OpenShift Fundamentals
  • OpenShift Deep Dive
  • Private OpenShift Workshops

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Accelerate your OpenShift Adoption

Our team of certified and experienced OpenShift and Kubernetes experts can help you assess, implement, and scale an enterprise-ready OpenShift platform and enable your team to use and manage the platform with confidence.

Successful OpenShift implementations need integration and enablement services. Our certified team with multi-platform experience (Red Hat, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM) is available to help you configure and scale your OpenShift implementation, and integrate it with your cloud services, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring platforms, and security tools.

To ensure long-term success, we provide training and knowledge transfer that enable your team to use and manage the platform.

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Red Hat OpenShiftRed Hat Partner

OpenShift Services

  • OpenShift Healthcheck: Advisory services from certified experts to assess, implement, and scale your OpenShift Container Platform. This Openhift Healthcheck will take your implementation from PoC to production in two weeks. Learn more about our healthchecks.
  • OpenShift consulting: Get access to expert knowledge on OpenShift delivered via a “Bucket of Hours” and “Ask me Anything” sessions. This service is perfect for teams that need help troubleshooting problems or need to carry out an OpenShift assessment.
  • Implementation and enablement services: We’ll help you configure and manage an OpenShift cluster with operators, templates, storage and logging.
  • Integration with cloud services, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring platforms, and security tools
  • Install Certified Operations and build OpenShift Templates
  • OpenShift training: “Over the shoulder” training, OpenShift Fundamentals, OpenShift Deep Dive, Private OpenShift Workshops

OpenShift Integration

  • Integrate with Cloud Services: Certified engineers with multi-platform experience (Red Hat, Azure, AWS, IBM) can architect a best practice solution that meets specific customer requirements. Integrate with storage, nosql databases, functions, load balancers, and API Gateways.
  • Integrate Development Pipelines: Build and integrate CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and Artifactory, enabling developer speed and self service.
  • Integrate Monitoring: Integrate OpenShift with tools to support container monitoring and application performance monitoring, allowing full-stack monitoring and troubleshooting with dashboards and alerts
  • Integrate Security: Specifically container security (Sysdig), secrets management (Hashicorp Vault, Azure Keyvault, AWS Secrets Manager) and access control (AWS IAM, Azure RBAC)

OpenShift Consulting by Shadow-Soft

  • Award-Winning Red Hat Partner: We are trusted and recommended by Red Hat to deliver OpenShift to Fortune 100 companies, mid-market companies and government organizations . Our 2015, 2016, and 2017 awards recognize our experience and past performance.
  • Red Hat OpenShift engineers: Certified engineers with multi-platform experience can architect a best practice solution that meets your needs.
  • OpenShift consulting experience: Our OpenShift consulting services can help you adopt, implement and manage OpenShift. You will benefit from our many years of past performance and experience as a Red Hat OpenShift partner.
  • Enterprise open source experts: We know you need to innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you embrace open source technologies so you can empower your developers and IT operations teams to build and ship faster.

Why OpenShift?

OpenShift provides an on-demand, elastic, scalable, and fully configured application development, testing, and hosting environment for application developers. This allows developers to spend less time on the DevOps, and more time on coding new application services.

Red Hat OpenShift Benefits:

  • Gives developers access to self-service platform for building and running applications in the cloud
  • Gives IT operations a cloud platform with automated provisioning and scaling of applications
  • Provides a full suite of programming languages, middleware and developer tools for streamlining development processes
  • Allows IT to build and launch applications faster to better meet the needs of the business

OpenShift Resources

Azure Red Hat OpenShift Implementation: 4 Wks

Get up and running with a Red Hat OpenShift cluster and integrate it directly with Azure Services.

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OpenShift on AWS: 4-Week Implementation

Get up and running with a Red Hat OpenShift cluster and integrate it directly with AWS Services

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