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Ansible Event Nashville

In this workshop, we will discuss how containers solve many of the challenges for development and operations. We will show you how to start taking advantage of the cloud, without rewriting all of your existing applications.

Ansible Event Nashville

Join us on December 4th in Atlanta to learn how to conquer these challenges with HashiCorp Vault’s smart tool for secrets management and data encryption.

Ansible Event Nashville

Do you need to monitor your containerized applications? Do you need to increase the reliability of your Kubernetes applications and containers? Do you need to deploy faster with more confidence?

Ansible Event Nashville

Is your software release process slow and unreliable? Join us on November 8th in Nashville to learn how a CI/CD framework can help you conquer these challenges that are grinding you to a halt.


Shadow-Soft, Red Hat, and Intel have partnered to offer a two-hour workshop on using Ansible to “Glue” your CI/CD stack together. Do you need to increase the reliability of your software releases? Do you need to push code faster? Join us on October 17th in Atlanta to learn how to conquer these challenges that are grinding you to a halt.

Chef Azure Roadshow

Teams from Chef and Microsoft are uniting and hosting half-day, in-depth executive leadership events around the globe, focused on how Microsoft Azure and Chef can help you modernize applications and make audits painless through automation. You will learn how to modernize enterprise legacy apps and get to cloud-native, as well as understand how automation can make audits painless..

Icinga Fundamentals

The 4-day Icinga training is designed specifically for users who are looking for a hands-on, immersive Icinga training experience. This course covers both Icinga 2 fundamentals and advanced features.

Kubernetes and Portworx

Atlanta’s software engineers and IT leaders came together at Shadow-Soft HQ on August 21st to hear Shadow-Soft’s John Ray and Portworx’s Kelley Osburn and Francois Martel talk through how to run stateful applications in Kubernetes.

CI/CD Framework

Atlanta’s engineers, architects and IT leaders gathered at Roam Dunwoody on July 26th to hear Shadow-Soft’s John Ray and Derrick Sutherland talk through their CI/CD Automation Framework.

Modernizing a Hadoop Database

Learn how the company designed and implemented an update to their query and resource management systems, enabling it to reduce query time from their legacy Hadoop cluster by 10x.


Kubernetes has become a popular option for cloud native architecture and container management. In this two hour deep dive we cover how operations can architect a Kubernetes solution with all its surrounding tooling and manage all the components on an ongoing basis with DC/OS. This session will also cover the use cases and best practices for Kubernetes.

Red Hat

Accelerate your digital transformation with next-gen management and automation. Hear use cases from industry-leading companies KeyBank, Macquarie Group, and Optum, and learn how digital transformation improved their businesses.

Icinga Camp New York

A full day event packed with sessions from members and contributors of the Icinga project.