What is Shadow-Soft Academy?

The word academy can mean many different things so what exactly is Shadow-Soft Academy and how can it help you transform your career?

Giving back to the technology community


Shadow-Soft Academy is one way Shadow-Soft invests back into the open source and emerging technology community. Academy is a developmental program designed to build up the next generation of people who will be working with the emerging technologies Shadow-Soft specializes in. By spending 20 hours a week in our office learning, collaborating and networking with our engineer and consultants, those who take on the challenge can expect to grow their technology skill set changing the trajectory of their careers. Whether you are a soon to be college graduate, recent college graduate or someone with years of work experience in the technology industry, you will find benefits inside of Shadow-Soft Academy.

Gain leverage, find the right job

Leveraging our industry expertise and over a decade of experience, we designed training that will equip Academy participants with the skills in technologies that companies desperately need help with. The training first focuses on building foundational Linux system administration skills. We have found that people who have been highly successful in our industry have strong SysAdmin skills so everyone who comes through Academy will obtain a Linux System Administration certification. Upon the foundation of Linux SysAdmin skills we build knowledge and skill sets around DevOps, CI/CD and Cloud technologies. Technologies like Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and AWS. As participants are diving into the various technologies, they will begin construction of a practical project. The project serves as a demonstration of the knowledge gained throughout the entire academy process and gives the candidate something to bring with them into future job interviews. That leads to the final step of Academy…finding a job.

Change your trajectory

Whether it is with us, with one of our partners or with one of our clients, we help those who complete Academy find the next step in their careers by connecting them with the companies who are looking for the skills that they possess. With the help of our recruiters and hiring manager, we take you through mock interviews, resume reviews and help narrow in on what you want to do with your career, all with the goal of helping you identify and land the perfect job.

Academy is a developmental program that can benefit anyone and radically change the career trajectory of their career. If you are up to the challenge of dedicating yourself to diving into emerging technologies, consider Shadow-Soft Academy and see where you might be in just a short time.