Want to migrate off your proprietary app server? There’s an app for that.

At last weeks Summit in Boston, Red Hat announced a new effort designed to help enterprises migrate to Open Source middleware technologies, including a community-driven JBoss Migration Center and new tools to accelerate and ease the process of migrating from proprietary application server technologies to the Open Source JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP).


One of the first of many tools available in the JBoss Migration Center that we are very excited about is “Windup” created by our friend and Red Hat Principal Architect Brad Davis. Windup specifically expedites the process of migrating workloads from proprietary application servers directly to JBoss EAP with the mission of reducing the time, cost, and risk of migrations for enterprises with existing proprietary and costly Java EE investments. And the tool can be used not only for migration to JBoss EAP but other middleware solutions like SOA. Windup is Open Source and freely available at http://windup.jboss.org/download.html.


Check out Windup in 5 minutes – youtu.be/L9E2C3L994c 


We talk to a lot of customers who are seriously reconsidering their existing proprietary application servers, especially as they rely more heavily on their middleware environments and look at hybrid cloud architectures, yet most are hesitant to proceed with their proprietary middleware stack because they were never designed for the cloud, have rigid architectures, prohibitive license and support costs, and lack of portability. More importantly the risk, complexity and mission-critical nature of enterprise apps presents numerous migration challenges when the time comes to change platforms. Until now. With Windup you can scan hundreds of applications and extract the necessary information to map out the migration in a matter of minutes in what used to take weeks. It’s a game changer for middleware migrations and Shadow-Soft Consulting is here to help.


Thursday, July 25th, Shadow-Soft will be hosting Windup creator Brad Davis at the Atlanta JBoss Users Group. Brad will discuss utilizing JBoss Windup to assist with Oracle WebLogic and IBM WebSphere to JBoss EAP migrations as well as techniques for planning and supporting the migration effort. Additionally, Brad will discuss road maps and how you can get involved. For more information on the event, please visit http://www.meetup.com/ATL-JBUG/events/125391782





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