Two ways to better simplify your JBoss administration & management needs

Optimize JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) efficiency with two course options from Red Hat Training

With JBoss Operations Network (JON), JBoss’ management tool, managing your application server and the applications that run on it has never been easier. To ensure you’re getting the most from your EAP implementation, with the visibility, access and control you need, Shadow-Soft and Red Hat Training are offering a pair of courses to help take your JBoss management to another level. As an authorized Red Hat training partner, Shadow-Soft can provide public, virtual/online, and private trainings at lower costs over the other guys. Read below to determine which course is right for you or if you are looking for a Red Hat course, please take our Red Hat Training Pre-assessment Test to see which course is right for your skill level.


JBoss® Application Administration (JB336)
With a focus on installation and deployment of the JBoss® Application Server, this class balances essential concept-based lectures with real-world task- and- project-oriented labs. Here you’ll go beyond the application programming interface (API) and enforce the applied knowledge of the technology to better understand, maintain and troubleshoot. 


Advanced JBoss® Administration (JB346)
The Advanced JBoss® Administration course is designed for experienced system administrators responsible for deploying and administering JBoss® EAP in large-scale production environments. It deep-dives into clustering, performance tuning and provisioning EAP instances, including best practices for load balancing, session replication and rolling out application upgrades. 


Why train with Red Hat?
Red Hat Training arms IT organizations with the knowledge and hands-on skills to optimize the performance of Red Hat and JBoss technologies, enhance productivity and mitigate risk. With instruction from certified JBoss professionals and real-world use case, Red Hat-trained customers are better prepared to:

  • Successfully deploy and manage new Red Hat and JBoss enterprise applications and solutions
  • Solve both routine and challenging problems in less time
  • Better manage internal resources with cross-trained staff
  • Spread best practices within their IT organizations to improve efficiencies
  • Keep IT organizations competitive and reduce turnover


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