Transform your business by transforming your storage w/ Tegile

By: Jason Strand, Solutions Architect, Shadow-Soft


Today, companies are considering making the leap into flash storage, mainly because of the increasing need for application acceleration and the demand for lower latency/higher IOPS. Many of those same companies are currently using a Tier 1 storage vendor, but are left unimpressed with those same vendor’s flash offerings at the high cost that comes with procuring it. Thankfully, there are several more cost effective solutions out there that companies are taking advantage of today however you may not have heard of Tegile yet.


In the last few months I’ve had the chance to get some hands on exposure with Tegile’s storage solution, and so far I have been very impressed. I will detail several high level key selling points that has led me to recommend Tegile as the #1 Flash storage solution to all of my customers.



Founded in 2010, Tegile has over 1200+ Hybrid & All-Flash storage systems deployed across the globe, and is making quite a name in the industry. Tegile has recently been rated “Best in Class” in the DCIG Buyer’s Guide for Hybrid Storage Array for 2014, and has also been named a “Visionary” by Gartner for General-Purpose disk arrays.


DCIG Report –





The thing that I like most about Tegile is the flexibility to choose between a “Hybrid” or an “All-Flash” storage solution. Instead of being stuck with an “all or nothing” approach to flash, we are given a choice to combine SSD with spinning disk.   The idea here is simple… continue to optimize storage by taking advantage of fast Flash for your critical applications, while at the same time increasing capacity and driving down overall cost.


Imagine having an intelligent storage system that could automatically keep the most used blocks stored in the fastest media available, while keeping the least used blocks stored on a less costly disk, all while compressing and de-duplicating your data. Imagine cutting down your data footprint by 50-90% and saving 25-50% on operational costs. That’s what you get with the Tegile “IntelliFlash” Operating System.


I found the management interface fairly easy to navigate. When I logged in, I immediately noticed the dashboard, which Tegile calls the “Doughnut shop”. Here I was able to immediately see how much data was compressed and de-duplicated in the doughnuts, as well as take a look at real-time performance metrics.


Tegile #1


While carving up storage, I liked having the flexibility to choose between block or file protocol options such as FC, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, and SMB 3.0. These options give you the ability to attach to almost any type of host in your Data Center. Speaking of hosts, Tegile has been certified with all major hypervisors, including but not limited to VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xenserver. VDI support is also an important feature you get with Tegile and, in fact, if you are in the market for Flash storage, VDI is most likely driving that initiative. (See Top 5 Reasons to deploy VMware View with Tegile)


We all know that enterprise storage must be fully redundant, and that is why Tegile includes Active/Active or Active/Passive dual hardware controllers with MPIO support, as well as software features like 1-1-Many Replication, Snapshots and Call home alerts and reporting. The idea here being that you can achieve 99.999% uptime against an unplanned outage. All of this I was able to configure and setup my first time in a matter of minutes. I was surprised, as it was a lot easier than I expected it to be.



With the Tier 1 vendors, we are used to paying top dollar for storage, mainly because they are proven, reliable platforms we all have been enjoying for many years, and they may include most if not all of the listed features above. Unfortunately, the software-licensing model is typically over complex and expensive, and you may find yourself paying for several separate licenses, each with it’s own support cost.
Tegile doesn’t play the license game that most major vendors play. You pay one price for all software features. No need to pick and choose, no complicated license structure to figure out… you get everything!


Intellicare Guarantee

Tegile provides an industry-leading 5 year Intellicare guarantee summarized below:


  • 5x Faster Performance: compared to traditional storage
  • 5 Years of fresh flash: with free controller upgrades
  • 5:1 Data Reduction: in well-virtualized environments
  • $5 per Gigabyte: of high-endurance eMLC flash
  • 5 Nines availability: With Active/Active Controllers we confidently guarantee 99.999% availability against an unplanned outage.


Overall we’ve been very impressed with what Tegile has to offer when it comes to Flash and hybrid storage. I used to think you could only get these kind of features and flexibility with expensive Tier 1 storage systems, but now I stand corrected.


Want to learn more how Tegile can help maximize your virtualization investments and boost application performance? As a strategic Tegile Partner, we can help.











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