How Shadow-Soft’s ‘Three Pillars’ Can Transform Your Business

Helping customers take control of their IT assets and turn them into their IT essentials is what Shadow-Soft is all about. Read on to learn how our technology expertise can help transform your business.

For years, countless enterprises have hired software vendors to help solve their business-critical IT problems, only to be limited to the proprietary code and inflexibility established by those vendors.

The vendors got long-term revenue and profits out of those relationships, but for business customers, it often meant headaches and using software only “in the way it was designed” by the vendors. The customers’ choices and needs weren’t part of the deal.

That’s not what we believe here at Shadow-Soft. As open source integration experts, we strive to help enterprises of all sizes take the power back so they can solve their biggest challenges – without following the whims and strict rules of the proprietary license model.

To help highlight our business-friendly software and service offerings, we have organized our technology expertise into 3 pillars – DevOps, Application Infrastructure, and Enterprise Cloud – to support our customers.

1. DevOps

DevOps means creating and instituting an agile culture, structure, and tools so you can automate common tasks and handle fast-paced change within your company’s IT infrastructure. To make such a transformation, Shadow-Soft can help you with everything from getting it started to improving and streamlining the program that’s in place, as well as giving your company on-demand access to DevOps resources and certified engineers.

Our DevOps technology expertise includes a wide range of open source tools that can be brought in to solve every IT bottleneck, including configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible, along with continuous integration and continuous delivery components from Jenkins and Bamboo. The Atlassian Suite is also available with its Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, and HipChat offerings, as well as security tools from SecurePaaS and monitoring capabilities from Icinga and AppDynamics.

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2. Application Infrastructure

Application infrastructure, which includes the tools and building blocks needed to create and maintain robust applications in an enterprise environment, is huge for businesses that wish to maximize their IT investments with innovative, nimble, and efficient processes. A quality application infrastructure gives enterprises opportunities to increase uptime, visibility, and coverage with proactive monitoring solutions, and provides important and game-changing access to technical resources and qualified staffing. There are three main components in this pillar:

  • The platform, which includes operating systems, virtualization, containers, and mobility requirements.
  • Middleware, which includes application servers, API management, integration, and process tools – as well as developer tools.
  • Supporting tools, including databases, data analytics, monitoring, and Application Performance Management (APM).

Shadow-Soft’s application infrastructure technology expertise covers a multitude of needs, including middleware from Red Hat JBoss Middleware and 3scale by Red Hat, as well as mobility components from Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and Kryptowire. Also available are monitoring tools from Icinga and AppDynamics, along with database options from MariaDB, Software Defined Storage, and Red Hat Storage. Data analytics tools can be integrated from Datastax, Elastic, and Lightbend, while security can be added through SecurePaaS.

3. Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise cloud architectures give companies the ability to use hybrid clouds and multi-clouds to craft just the right architecture for their organizations, combining multiple cloud vendors with their own private clouds. Shadow-Soft can provide needed expertise to companies who need help planning their cloud strategies, moving their workloads to the cloud, or improving, managing, and streamlining the clouds and applications they have deployed.

Shadow-Soft provides enterprise cloud consulting for all mainstream public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, private cloud solutions like Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack Platform, and Azure Stack and Platform-as-a-Service tools from Red Hat OpenShift, Mesosphere, Docker, and Kubernetes. Also available are managed cloud services through Shadow-Soft’s SOS offering, as well as cloud management from Red Hat CloudForms and cloud monitoring from Icinga and AppDynamics.

Final Thoughts

Shadow-Soft’s three pillars perfectly combine open source software with our all-encompassing consulting to help solve our customers’ greatest business challenges. With all of these flexible and customizable tools and services, Shadow-Soft helps its customers use open source software to solve the most irritating business problems and IT bottlenecks that proprietary solutions simply can’t address.

When your company is ready to take the power back, #TTPB, give us a call. Let us show you how Shadow-Soft and its open source integration approach can help you make it happen.