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5 Open Source Tools For Building in a Microservice Applications (Comparison and Review)

While some business leaders still shy away from open source tools, others are recognizing the benefits of cheaper, more flexible technology with accountability built in. Microservice development and management is one place where open source technology shines.

Microservices slowing you down? Streamline the orchestration process with Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes (RHOAR)

The rise of microservices and containerized environments comes with its own set of demands and challenges for developers. Developers are being asked to quickly and reliably bring new features to market, and adhere to strict best practices.

5 OpenShift Container Platform Success Stories

Application development and IT operations teams can use Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to create and deploy apps quickly and consistently. Developers can run different languages, frameworks, and databases on the same platform and easily take advantage of the Docker…