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3 Open Source Configuration Management Tools (Comparison and Review)

“Configuration management” refers to maintaining the integrity and consistency of hardware and software systems over time. In practice, the phrase is often used to describe configuring servers and automatically deploying them using prewritten scripts. In this article, we review three…

7 Benefits of Icinga’s Open Source Monitoring Tool

It’s no secret that most organizations use 10+ products to monitor everything from servers and devices to networks, traffic, applications and databases. Not all monitoring tools are the same; some are stronger in certain areas than others. In this article our resident Icinga technician, Jeff Williams, will highlight the areas where Icinga’s open source monitoring tool is strong.

5 Open Source Monitoring Tools: Comparison and Review

Today, most companies rely on a network to run their business. Therefore, if a network fails, a server goes down or an application crashes, a company can suffer a significant loss. In this article, we review five leading open source monitoring tools. Compare each tool based on business benefits, feature set, and price.