Cloud And Data Center Resiliency Is No Prisoner’s Dilemma

Most data center professionals are faced with a sort of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Government and commercial organizations are constantly told to do more with fewer resources, but not to cut any corners and to keep everything up and running, and protected. In addition, organizations are quickly deploying cloud environments and trying to keep them highly resilient. In order to stay competitive and meet these demands,  Shadow-Soft has helped our government and commercial customers adopt Linux as a strategic solution to help deal with flat IT budgets with increasing costs.


The robust and flexible nature of Linux has led to it becoming the strategic platform of choice for private cloud deployments. Analyst firm IDC suggests that Linux will be one of two primary operating systems that will power public cloud infrastructures. We believe this is because of the robust nature of the platform combined with the low cost and high adoption of Linux. And, Red Hat Linux has been deployed by more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500. Shadow-Soft, Red Hat and Symantec are keenly aware of the issues outlined above.


To accomplish this, Symantec recently announced a strategic partnership with Red Hat to deliver a series of joint solutions that help customers deploy private and hybrid clouds  and create highly resilient data centers:


The joint solutions between Red Hat and Symantec will help you…

Together, Symantec and Red Hat offer a more flexible and open environment in terms of hardware, software, and operating systems. In doing so, we hope to provide our customers a reasonable outcome to their professional prisoner’s dilemma that is favorable to all of their stakeholders. Click here for the joint product brief.


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