Shadow-Soft Technical Advisory Team

Meet Objectives Faster with STAT

The Shadow-Soft Technical Advisory Team (STAT) provides your company with an experienced consultant, your Shadow-Soft Technical Advisor (STA), who is the single point-of-contact for your account. The STA is backed by a team of specialized consultants and engineers dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives across the emerging technology solutions that we provide.


How it works 

The STA will take a hands-on approach, working closely with development and operations teams as well as administrators and Project Managers to help you achieve your goals.

The STA will:

  • Help you set up, maintain, and improve the DevOps, CI/CD, and Container infrastructure processes at your company
  • Be a technical resource helping you meet business objectives
  • Assist your organization with adopting and integrating emerging technologies using the DevOps methodologies
  • Provide flexible scheduling so you can reserve time with your STA in advance, based on your schedule, projects, and deadlines


What You Get 

Gain access to a dedicated support helpdesk, a devoted technical advisor, and the collective knowledge of the Shadow-Soft Technical Advisory Team. Annual contracts include:

  • Helpdesk: 9x5x5 coverage, 4-hour response (Core and Enterprise only)

  • Shadow-Soft Technical Advisor: A knowledgeable resource that knows your environment. The STA functions as your Technology Lead, TPM, and Senior Advisor.**

  • Shadow-Soft Technical Advisory Team: Full-time support available for a minimum amount of hours per month.


Benefits of STAT  

Peace of Mind over Software Support: Helpdesk adds another layer of support to help resolve difficult issues even faster by working with OEM Support when needed.

More than a TAM: Your STA functions as a TAM while offering the benefits of a hands-on-keyboard SME across multiple technologies.

Integration: Your STA is highly proficient in adopting new open source technologies.

Training: Your STA is highly skilled at implementing new and emerging tech.

Covered Emerging Technologies: Core expertise in CI/CD, DevOps, Automation, Kubernetes, Containers, Microservices, Monitoring, and Analytics.

 Starter*CoreEnterpriseAdditional Usage
Program ScopeSingle-specialtySingle-specialtyMulti-specialty
Helpdesk for Priority IssuesN/A6 tickets/year12 tickets/year
Shadow-Soft Tecnical Advisor4 hours/month minimum8 hours/month minimum10 hours/month minimum$225/hour, hourly increments
Shadow-Soft Technical Advisory Team**20 hours/month minimum40 hours/month minimum40 hours/month minimum$195/hour weekly increments
Buy More HoursNoYes
Escalate to OEMNoYes
Upfront AsessmentNoYes (1-day)Yes (1-week)

The Starter, Core and Enterprise plans are examples of how you can consume STAT. Plans are customizable to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.
* Starter STA services delivered remotely only.
** Can be delivered onsite or remote. Onsite consulting has minimum consumption restrictions, T&E not included and travel time is normally billable. Unused hours expire quarterly and additional hours can be purchased based on availability.

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