DevOps complements an Agile development methodology and integrates Development & Operations into a single, cross-functional technology team.
By leveraging Automation & Monitoring, especially in a Cloud infrastructure, DevOps is the go-to strategy to realize substantial productivity & efficiency gains for today’s IT environment.


Open Source Software is the foundation for most cloud solutions in the marketplace. Open from the start, Shadow-Soft delivers real value around cloud architecture & deployment strategies. Whether considering an on-premise, public, hybrid or multi cloud approach, Shadow-Soft is here to help.
With expertise in IaaS (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack), PaaS (Mesosphere, OpenShift), Containers & Provisioning (Docker, Kubernetes) and Cloud Management (CloudForms) we are here to help you right-size your environment and make your Cloud transition seamless and painless.


Cyber Security is a number one concern for most of our customers. Defining what
is the threat, how to mitigate risks, and how to ensure compliance are key considerations when evaluating your corporate security posture.
Shadow-Soft provides everything from traditional perimeter protection, to Mobile Device Management solutions, to cutting edge solutions like SecurePaaS which uses code introspection and injection technology to secure corporate assets.

Application Infrastructure

As an alternative to traditional, proprietary solutions, the JBoss Enterprise Middleware suite is the de facto Open Source Java enterprise infrastructure. Our consultants help customers migrate & modernize applications for core Enterprise Application Platform, Web Server, Rules Management, Process Management, SOA, Fuse, A-MQ, and Data Virtualization.
We’re also experts at Red Hat’s Mobile Application Platform which centralizes all of your mobile app dev needs into one framework which supports native SDKs, HTML5, cross-platform tools including Appcelerator Titanum and Xamarin as well as JavaScript frameworks.


Using BigData to solve big technical and business challenges.
We have expertise in Elastic & ELK stack customizations as well as Hadoop variants such as Hortonworks and Cloudera. Shadow-Soft can help with everything from scoping your environment to deployment and integration.
Good help can be hard to find, especially when a mistake means a critical impact to your business.
Shadow-Soft has a trusted team of vendor-agnostic advisors, who help customers navigate the Open Source landscape through project based consulting, technical advisory teams - STAT - and remote system management and monitoring via the Shadow-Soft Ongoing Services program - S.O.S.

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