Shadow-Soft is uniquely positioned to help you procure and deploy SMACK Stack technologies. 

What is the SMACK Stack?

The SMACK stack is made up of the following technologies:

  • Spark: A general engine for large-scale data processing, enabling analytics from SQL queries to machine learning, graph analytics, and stream processing.
  • Mesos: Distributed systems kernel that provides resourcing and isolation across all the other SMACK stack components. Mesos is the foundation on which other SMACK stack components run.
  • Akka:  A toolkit and runtime to easily create concurrent and distributed apps that are responsive to messages.
  • Cassandra: Distributed database management system that can handle large amounts of data across servers with high availability.
  • Kafka: A high throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds with no data loss.

Shadow-Soft Consulting

We’re helping customers solve the following challenges with SMACK Stack technologies and reactive applications:

  • Real Time Analytics
  • Data Streaming
  • Customer Experience
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning or AI

Need help? Schedule a call with our team

In 15 minutes we’ll accomplish two things:

  • You’ll learn how other companies are solving their business challenges with SMACK stack technologies (real insight from past projects).
  • You’ll understand how to save time on procurement and training by leveraging our vendor partnerships (Lightbend, Mesosphere, Datastax).

Ready to grow your SMACK Stack?