Shifting to SaaS: Why Move Back-Office Apps to the Cloud

“Shift to SaaS” is a cloud migration model to consider when you want to free your IT team from maintaining applications that are not customer-facing. Read on to learn why you should move back-office applications to SaaS.

Shifting to SaaS

Why shift to SaaS?

Back-office applications suck a lot of time and resources from your IT team. And having your IT team constantly putting out fires and maintaining applications is a waste of resources. Migrating these applications to a SaaS solution shifts the responsibly of maintenance away from your company; freeing up your team to focus on other initiatives.

We recommend you consider moving your noncustomer-facing applications, like email or payroll, to a SaaS solution. SaaS reduces the need to buy and maintain hardware and software, because it is the responsibility of your server provider.

Example: Shifting email to the cloud

Our cloud team worked with a manufacturing company that focuses on building engine components. The company was struggling with spending too much time and IT resources on managing their email. While email plays an important role in the business for communication, it is not a function the IT department should have to constantly be worrying about and taking time to fix. This company did not need all their applications to migrate to the cloud, so shifting to SaaS was the perfect approach for them. We helped them find a hosting service that freed them from worrying about their email, so they could focus on manufacturing. We were able to successfully place them where they needed to be.

SaaS is a great option for any noncustomer-facing application that requires too much time and effort from the IT team. Allowing a service provider to take care of these applications gives your team the chance to remain agile and focus on customer-facing applications that deliver more business value.

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