Shadow-Soft releases Openshift Cartridge for Ozone Widget Framework (OWF)


We’re excited to release our OpenShift cartridge that provides the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) on both and Openshift Enterprise. OWF is an OpenSource, customizable web application framework that allows developers to create and easily access tools and widgets within an internet location. Over the past year our Government team has been hosting Openshift / Cloud Enablement workshops and they were hearing cries from our DoD counterparts on a number of DoD specific frameworks that should be integrated into OpenShift. Overwhelmingly we heard that integration of the Ozone Widget Framework on OpenShift would be well received. Further proof of this is the recent decision by the DISA Mission Assurance Office to adopt OWF as their default presentation layer.


There are two cartridges available:


  1. OWF cartridge: installable on an OpenShift platform with the ability to deploy OWF as an “Instant App”, and with no additional libraries/frameworks/data outside of core OWF
  2. OWF Widget cartridge: demonstrating the ability to instantiate an iFrame widget within an OWF instance based on the OWF Cartridge; with widget content served from a separate application container instance hosted within OpenShift Enterprise and


You can find the Open Source cartridges and documentation in our public Git Hub Repository:


All of the Open Source goodness is licensed under the Apache Public License (V2), just like the Ozone Widget Framework.  We encourage pull requests to enhance the cartridges and documentation.  We believe that the power of the Open Source community is key.


If you don’t have an OpenShift Online account already, please create one and install our cartridge, try it out, and give us feedback.  Just follow the steps on the front page of each cartridge Repository. For questions or help with Openshift and the OWF cartridges please contact us.

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