Shadow-Soft adds new Puppet Enterprise SKU’s to

Its official. We’ve added the new +Puppet Enterprise SKUs at to our GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0524 . Now our Government and Educational customers can take advantage of the flexible subscription model that allows you to choose node bands instead of per node pricing for +Puppet Enterprise support.  Did you also know that Puppet Enterprise v2.8 was recently announced and now supports AIX with a Premium support subscription?


Puppet Enterprise Pricing FAQ


What does an annual subscription include?

A subscription is an annual term license to use Puppet Enterprise, which includes support and maintenance. You have the option for Standard (Business hour support) or Premium Support (24/7) SLA.


Can I purchase multiple years of a subscription upfront?

Yes, and you will enjoy a discount by doing so. Contact to learn more.


What counts as a node?

A Node is any network-connected device such as a server, desktop, or laptop, including virtual and physical machines.


How do you measure when a node is in use?

Any signed certificate in your Certificate Authority counts as a node.


How can I increase the node limit for my license?

You can easily increase the number of licensed nodes by contacting or by filling out our Contact form.


What if I purchase additional nodes half way through my license period. Will the new nodes have a separate Support & Maintenance renewal date?

We will provide pricing that synchronizes the dates of all licenses owned so that multiple license purchases will not result in multiple Support & Maintenance end-dated. Contact for more information.


Will I have to manage a separate license key for each purchase of node licenses?

No. Each licensee will receive a single license key for their deployment of Puppet Enterprise.


Can I see a copy of the license for Puppet Enterprise?

Yes. A copy of the standard Software License Agreement is located at


Can I pay for my license with a credit card?

Yes. Shadow-Soft has launched to provide another way for our commercial and government customers to order software subscriptions quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the convenience of ordering online with your trusted Open Source experts – Shadow-Soft.


Still have questions or need pricing for your agency?

Please email us at or fill out our Contact form and someone will contact you shortly!