Shadow-Soft Academy Success Story: Jonathan


What were you doing prior to Shadow-Soft Academy and what motivated you to be apart of it?

Before Shadow-Soft Academy, I had recently graduated from Georgia States University with a bachelor’s in Computer Science. I had spent two years prior to graduation working as a student researcher for Georgia State in their biology research labs and was continuing that research after graduation as I began my job search. I wasn’t finding much traction in my job search and, looking back, I feel that while the work I was doing as a student researcher was applicable for what I was doing then, it was so niched that it was not translating well into the technology job market as a whole. I was looking at a number of avenues to grow my skills but ultimately decided on Academy for two big reasons. The first, Academy presented the opportunity I was looking for to expand my technology skill set from one that was niche to the research world to one that was more well-rounded for the technology market. The second was that I wouldn’t be tackling the training on my own. Academy was designed as a collaborative process where I was learning as part of a group of 6, surrounded by working consultants and engineers.

What were some of your biggest takeaways from your time in Shadow-Soft Academy?

Academy gave me insights into a number of things both personally and in the technology world. Coming from a very niche part of the technology world, the Academy gave me exposure to real-world, practical problems that you will face in the technology industry and how to overcome those issues. I couldn’t have learned nearly as much if it hadn’t been for the people in the program with me and the engineers and consultants that helped me along the way. The collaboration was key to my success in the Academy. The more I stepped out and asked questions the more I was able to learn. The friendships and connections I made during Academy were incredibly valuable in helping me overcome roadblocks I encountered and I would not have been able to learn nearly as much as I did without the people surrounding me.

How has your life changed since Shadow-Soft Academy and why would you encourage someone to take part in it?

Since completing Shadow-Soft Academy, I have started a job at Manhattan Associates working as a Systems Analyst. This is my first job after graduation and I wouldn’t have been able to secure the job if it wasn’t for my experience in the Academy. The exposure to real-world applications of the technologies I was learning gave me the confidence that I was lacking when I was hunting for jobs prior to Academy. I would encourage anyone who is looking to break into the technology field to consider Shadow-Soft Academy as the launching point for their career. The combination of access to training and industry experts give you an unmatched experience that you can’t get anywhere else.


    1. Was a recent graduate struggling to find his first job after college
    2. Academy developed him into a more well-rounded technologist and gave him confidence in his skills
    3. Just started a job at Manhattan Associates as a Systems Analyst