Shadow-Soft Academy Success Story: Isiaha


What were you doing prior to Shadow-Soft Academy and what motivated you to be apart of it?

Prior to Shadow-Soft Academy, I was working at a Fortune 500 company as a Security Specialist where I was managing and monitoring systems for multinational customers and providing security operations support. I was simultaneously pursuing my MBA while working at a Security Specialist. While the work may sound interesting, I found the work that I was doing to be unfulfilling. I believed the role I was in to be limited in growth and the type of work I was doing had become boring and repetitive. I spoke with some employees at Shadow-Soft and after hearing about the work they were doing and worthwhile their careers were, I decided Shadow-Soft Academy was what I needed to elevate my career to the next level.

What were some of the biggest takeaways from your time in Shadow-Soft Academy?

Shadow-Soft Academy gave me a level of control on the direction of my career that I did not have before. If you are willing to put the work in and genuinely enjoy developing your SysAdmin skills and diving into emerging technology, will be able to succeed not only in the Academy but also in whatever you decide to do post completion. I did not come from a heavy programming background but because of the resources I had available to me through Academy, I was able to overcome some skill deficits making me a more well-rounded technologist.

How has your life changed since Shadow-Soft Academy?

Since completing Academy, I have joined the Shadow-Soft team as an Associate Technical Consultant. Working here at Shadow-Soft has put me in a position where I am continuously learning and am able to take on enjoyable day to day challenges around emerging technology. My role at Shadow-Soft has allowed me to apply what I learned through my MBA program as my confidence in my own technology skills continues to grow.

Why would you encourage someone to take part in Shadow-Soft Academy?

Taking on the challenge to better myself through Shadow-Soft Academy changed the trajectory of my career and has opened up doors I never thought possible. If you feel like you are stuck in your current job, I would highly encourage you to pursue Shadow-Soft Academy. Without Academy, I do not believe I would be happy in the work I would be doing.


  1. Was working in a Fortune 500 but wasn’t feeling fulfilled by the work
  2. Shadow-Soft Academy gave him technology training to control his career path
  3. Now apart of the Shadow-Soft team working in an environment that consistently challenges him to make himself a better technologist