Application Modernization Services

Kubernetes Consulting Certifications

Modernize Java and .NET applications with Cloud, Containers, and Kubernetes to save costs, scale quickly, and deliver new features faster. Use our assessment services to understand the benefits of modernizing Java and .NET applications, then execute using our professional services.



  • Scale quickly with customer demand
  • Automate deployments, upgrades, and validations
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks


  • Accelerate delivery of applications and infrastructure
  • Deliver new features to customers faster
  • Save time and be more productive

Cost Savings

  • Reduce expensive licensing and management costs
  • Reduce manual tasks and process
  • Reduce costly mistakes, errors, and rework

How We Do It

Assess your architecture

Consult on shared vision

Deliver professional services

Advise on technologies and platforms

Enable with training

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NewSci Optimizes AI-Powered Application for Performance with a Platform Healthcheck

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“Shadow-Soft has a fantastic reputation in the open-source community. Shadow-Soft’s work was foundational to what we’ve done architecturally since. As we continue to do test, probe and analyze the solution, Shadow-Soft’s recommendations help to keep us on track.”

– Josh Bregman, VP of Technology at CyGlass

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Tell us what you’re solving for. A Shadow-Soft expert will help you find the best solution.