September 2019: Your Monthly Roundup of Shadow-Soft Goodness

Here’s your monthly roundup of Shadow-Soft goodness – including news, case studies, and events. Enjoy!

SongSplits Reduces Costs 25% by Moving to AWS

Songsplits App Modernization

“Shadow-Soft has helped us build a high-quality product and future-proof our infrastructure. Together we are building an important application that will allow music artists and songwriters to establish and document royalty splits in a trusted environment,” said Todd Wright, CEO at SongSplits

SongSplits engaged Shadow-Soft to assist it with an app modernization project. The company wanted to modernize its application to improve scalability and optimize costs.

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Enabling DevOps on AWS with Open Source Tooling (Ebook)

DevOps AWS Open Source

A Shadow-Soft guide to using Open Source Tools for provisioning, managing and monitoring your AWS environment.

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Webinar: Automating Deployments with CI/CD Pipelines

Shadow-Soft’s John Ray shares ideas on automating infrastructure builds and deployments. Watch the webinar today.

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Open Source Software Accelerates Innovation and Collaboration

Open Source Innovation

Shadow-Soft’s James Hendrix shares his ideas on why Open Source Software (OSS) offers a good path to accelerate innovation and protect against threats.

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CyGlass Modernizes Platform Architecture to Control Costs and Improve Scalability

Learn how CyGlass modernized its platform architecture to reduce costs and reduce build time, allowing it to bring on more large customers.

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