Retailer Improves Satisfaction Across 10 Customer-Facing Applications

A retailer needed to move faster to deliver more value to its customers. Read on to learn how the retailer improved customer satisfaction by increasing deployment frequency.

Business challenge

  • Retailer had limited processing time between when a promotion ended, and when the research data needed to be available to its advertisers. To keep customers happy, it needed to find a way to move faster.
  • The company also wanted to embrace a DevOps culture where it’s developers could add capabilities and push to production, while maintaining security and reliability.


  • As datasets increased and processing requirements grew, the company was running out of datacenter space. They needed a solution that allowed them to scale at a moment’s notice, and empower their developers to make rapid and reliable changes with high quality and automated deployments.
  • Red Hat Ansible with Microsoft Azure solved this challenge, providing a simple-to-understand playbook approach to code and infrastructure. With this solution, the company was able to deploy custom-built software every day, compared to the previous once-a-month cycle.

What was the outcome? Download the case study to find out

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