“We knew it would be a lot faster, and easier, if we could bring people in who knew Red Hat JBoss middleware and provide expert guidance.”

– Sol Osterkatz, Director of Application Development at RegEd


RegEd provides technology solutions for compliance and risk management and serves more than 800 enterprise clients, including 80 of the top 100 financial services firms.

The company wanted to implement an open source middleware solution when its expensive license renewal was due from a proprietary software provider.

In mid 2012, RegEd was at a technological crossroads: Either pay an exorbitant license fee to be locked in with a new version of their existing proprietary middleware platform or take an alternate route toward open source.

Sol Osterkatz, director of application development for RegEd, which offers technology solutions focusing on compliance for the financial and insurance industries, decided it was time for the alternate route.

With an upfront license fee – as well as high support costs – the seven-figure expenditure required to upgrade and expand their existing closed source middleware platform was inhibitive enough. There would also be the inevitable complications surrounding server or software changes down the road.

“We needed to upgrade from a hardware and scalability perspective,” Osterkatz says. “Even if we weren’t upgrading from our previous version of proprietary software, simple hardware or server changes would have been unbelievably expensive. Given the price point and lack of flexibility, we decided to change to open source.”

“We had a pretty good idea the work we had in store for a conversion,” Osterkatz says. “We knew it would be a lot faster, and easier, if we could bring people in who knew Red Hat JBoss middleware and provide expert guidance.”


RegEd chose Shadow-Soft to help migrate from a costly closed source middleware platform and implement Red Hat’s JBoss Middleware.

  • Migration & implementation guidance
  • Open source consulting
  • Quality assurance testing
  • On-going support

Osterkatz says RegEd chose Shadow-Soft for three reasons:

  • Expert knowledge of open source middleware
  • Ability to work in non-contiguous blocks of time
  • Solid industry reputation


The move to open source paid off in speed and savings.

Speed. RegEd’s performance-monitoring system has clocked application-loading times 25 percent faster than the previous proprietary middleware solution. This is because open source solutions have less bloat since unneeded features can be easily stripped away.

Savings. With no up front license fees and lower support costs, Osterkatz estimates RegEd will save 65 percent annually as a direct result of Shadow-Soft’s implementation of Red Hat middleware. During the several-months-long process, Osterkatz says, Shadow-Soft was nimble enough to provide instant support when roadblocks arose. During the several-months-long process, Osterkatz says, Shadow-Soft was nimble enough to provide instant support when roadblocks arose.

“They’re now available whenever we need them,” Osterkatz says. “If we look to do other open source projects in the future, we will definitely be interested in engaging them again.”


  • 25 percent faster performance
  • 65 percent lower annual cost
  • More flexibility for future changes

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