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Application development on Red Hat Openshift enables your team to work together more efficiently to move ideas from development to production. More than Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift delivers integrated and tested tools for an immersive platform experience.

From hybrid cloud to the edge, the Ansible Automation Platform is clear, fast, efficient and secure providing a foundation for deploying end-to-end automation. Users across an organization can utilize Ansible’s specialized configuration management, platform provisioning, and playbook execution to perform hours of work in minutes.

As the world’s leading Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is consistent, reliable, and flexible for all technology use cases.  Leverage RHEL in your datacenter, the public cloud, or the edge for unified management and unmatched support.

JBoss includes everything needed to build, run, deploy, and manage enterprise Java applications, including on-premise and in the cloud. With these functions, you can speed time to value for new applications and services, preserve your existing Java investments, and stay focused on creating high-quality applications that meet the needs of your business.

Red Hat Projects


The move to open source paid off in speed and savings.

Speed. RegEd’s performance-monitoring system has clocked application-loading times 25 percent faster than the previous proprietary middleware solution. This is because open source solutions have less bloat since unneeded features can be easily stripped away.

Savings. With no up front license fees and lower support costs, Osterkatz estimates RegEd will save 65 percent annually as a direct result of Shadow-Soft’s implementation of Red Hat middleware. During the several-months-long process, Osterkatz says, Shadow-Soft was nimble enough to provide instant support when roadblocks arose. During the several-months-long process, Osterkatz says, Shadow-Soft was nimble enough to provide instant support when roadblocks arose.


  • 25 percent faster performance
  • 65 percent lower annual cost
  • More flexibility for future changes

We knew it would be a lot faster, and easier, if we could bring people in who knew Red Hat JBoss middleware and provide expert guidance.”  – Sol Osterkatz, VP of Platform at RegEd


UGI’s experience with Shadow-Soft resulted in several benefits, finding success in a number of areas. The results speak for themselves:

  • Configured Apache HTTP server to whitelist only certain URLs of internal applications. This added a level of security to the organization, as it prohibited access to internal applications from the Internet without network architecture reconfiguration.
  • Developed and deployed a simple J2EE application onto the JBoss EAP 7 server, demonstrating to the client how applications can be deployed onto the server.
  • Knowledge transfer provided material and documentation, which helped enable UGI and made the staff more self-sufficient.

“We were trying to modernize our infrastructure and secure it. Shadow-Soft did a really good job of accomplishing that. They gave me the tools to keep going forward, and managed it without being obnoxious.”

The Client:
A large healthcare company with a network of 20 hospitals nationwide, serving over one million patients each year and supporting a medical community of over five thousand employees.

The Challenge:
The organization’s RHEL-based infrastructure required labor-intensive manual patching and updates to ensure minimum security compliance, requiring the equivalent of one full-time employee.

The Results:
Shadow-Soft eliminated the need for constant manual oversight by architecting an environment that enables the organization to manage 100+ servers via one centralized system.

“From 100+ servers to one centralized system.” – Senior IT Leader

The Client:

A leading national business products wholesaler that distributes more than 98,000 products to 9,000 resellers and distributors throughout the United States from a network of 44 locations.

The Challenge:

The customer had experienced a data center disaster requiring a full move to its disaster recovery site and a rebuild of their existing environment. Shadow-Soft reconstructed its Red Hat Satellite infrastructure to effectively manage systems from its disaster recovery site.

The Results:

Shadow-Soft delivered the outcome in weeks opposed to the months it would take for the customer’s internal team.

The Client:

An American designer, manufacturer, and service provider of control systems for the aerospace and industrial markets.

The Challenge:

The customer desired to evaluate leveraging Red Hat Satellite 6 for wide-spread adoption of centralized patch management. Woodard is looking to manage entitlements and subscriptions through an officially supported management system thereby facilitating a consistent and efficient workflow.

The Results:

Shadow-Soft provided consulting services to assist the client in installation, configuration and knowledge transfer of Red Hat Satellite 6.

  • Installation of Satellite 6 infrastructure
  • Configured baseline repos and sync content
  • On-boarding of up to 2 RHEL instances
  • Provided knowledge transfer to the client teamInstallation of Satellite 6 infrastructure

The Client:
This rail transportation leader offers the largest intermodal rail network in eastern North America.

The Challenge:
The customer required assistance with the deployment and adoption of Red Hat Openshift. Shadow-Soft provided advisement and knowledge transfer consulting for this effort. This guidance included complimentary tools and technologies, that are required for the customer to be successful.

The Results:
The customer was able to achieve a developer environment and designs for production and non-production, as well as sufficient knowledge transfer so their team confidently worked in a production environment.

The Client:

The customer’s platform is the essential enterprise software to drive and scale global personalized therapies, such as cell therapies, gene therapies, and cancer vaccines.

The Challenge:

Since the implementation of OKD, challenges arose on the 4.2.7 cluster, most notably: OpenShift Kibana/Elasticsearch logging crashes and pods randomly restarting when code is deployed and tested.

The Results:

  • Worked with the customer to discover requirements and gather baseline metrics to determine optimal configurations
  • Assisted with troubleshooting and optimizing the internal Elasticsearch, FluentD, and Kibana Stack (EFK)
  • Worked as an extension of the customer’s team to support the OKD Platform to assist with the ongoing management of OKD clusters
  • Assisted with CI/CD for application deployment to the cluster-based upon application packaging and existing CI/CD tooling and processes

Fleet Tracking Company Modernizes Aging IT Infrastructure to Enable Innovation

Fleet Tracking Company engaged Shadow-Soft for help with an infrastructure modernization project that involved automating infrastructure builds in preparation for a data center migration.

“Shadow-Soft gives us the flexibility and agility to move fast by providing us with a broad bench of certified engineers with deep expertise in specific technologies where we have skills gaps.”

– CTO at Fleet Tracking Company


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