Red Hat Truck in Atlanta: Event Recap

With six kiosk demos – on Intel hardware – the Red Hat Truck is a high tech demonstration center on wheels. Shadow-Soft met face to face with customers, partners and the general public to showcase the latest Red Hat technologies.

Shadow-Soft and Red Hat


Shadow-Soft’s very own James Hendrix helped customers explore demos around many Red Hat technologies, including: Ansible, Satellite, CloudForms, Gluster and OpenShift. Customers we’re interested in learning how Shadow-Soft and Red Hat could help them with infrastructure optimization, automation, and management.

Big Red Hat Truck, Big Fun


The subject wasn’t always technology, Shadow-Soft was prepared to kick things up a notch with food and games. There were grilled hot dogs and an ice cold cooler filled to the top with beverages. Inside the Red Hat truck, there was a VR game centered around deploying a private cloud, although you’d never guess it looking from the outside because the entire virtual experience was interactive like many top games you’d expect to be on PC or console. Swag was also a big hit with plenty of free t-shirts, stickers and hats.

Inside the Red Hat truck


Inside the truck, there were six kiosks centered around Red Hat technologies, but the real magic happened when customers and experts talked face to face. Shadow-Soft team members were happy to answer questions, as well as further explain how Shadow-Soft partners with Red Hat.



Red Hat and Intel Corporation Mobile Portfolio Center Summary



Red Hat‘s Mobile Portfolio center provided a great stage for Shadow-Soft to help customers identify solutions to solve their complex IT challenges. If you want to have a deeper conversation on how Shadow-Soft can help guide you through your challenges, please contact a team member today.