Red Hat Summit JBoss World 2012 Wrap Up

The Shadow-Soft team is happy to report that this years Red Hat Summit JBoss World hosted in the great city of Boston was the best open source focused gathering in recent memory.  As always, Red Hat put together a great event and the team was able to take in some of the great sites of Boston including Fenway Park.








Red Hat released four key announcements that we have highlighted below:

FuseSource Acquisition as previously reported on –> Read it Here 

JBoss BRMS 5.3 Release

JBoss Enterprise BRMS is a comprehensive platform for the development and automation of business processes, including seamless support for Business Rules Management, Business Process Management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). With this 5.3 release, we have introduced the new capabilities of jBPM 5, a flexible workflow engine that greatly improves visibility and agility of business logic. jBPM 5 supports the entire life cycle of the business process, from authoring through execution to monitoring and management.

JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3 and JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 offer a host of new features designed to make it easier for organizations to use data intelligently anddevelop integration solutions more effectively.  New features include:

  • Integration with JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 – The ESB and data virtualization capabilities of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3 and JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 work seamlessly with the business process management capabilities of JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3
  • Apache Camel integration – Apache Camel can now be integrated into the ESB, bringing the popular enterprise integration ecosystem to JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3 and JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3.
  • Support for new data sources – Greenplum Database, PostgresSQL 9, and Red Hat Directory Server 9 join already-supported data services such as Teradata, Ingres, Mondrian, JSON and more. Additionally, Red Hat is offering a technology preview of a connector to Apache Hive to support big data use cases.

Announcing OpenShift Pricing – Beyond Free PHP and Java Hosting in the Cloud -> Read it Here

Cloudforms Announcement –> Read it Here

Red Hat’s four open hybrid cloud solutions include:

  • OpenShiftTM Enterprise PaaS Solution: The leading cloud application platform for the enterprise, this solution will combine Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and JBoss Enterprise Middleware to build an ITOps PaaS that is designed to deliver the speed and agility of PaaS desired by enterprise developers while addressing the governance and operational requirements of enterprise IT in an open and hybrid cloud. In the future this solution is planned to be expanded to enable customers to build a DevOps PaaS environment that is fully compatible with the Public PaaS
  • Red Hat Hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Solution: The industry’s first open hybrid cloud solution for enterprises, this offering will include the software needed to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud, including virtualization management with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization; cloud management, governed self-service and systems management with Red Hat CloudForms; and guest operating system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat plans to include public cloud hours from leading providers with the solution in the future
  • Red Hat Cloud with Virtualization Bundle: Moving enterprises to the cloud for the price of virtualization, this offering packages Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat CloudFormsTM together to enable users to move to the cloud more quickly by combining virtualization and cloud management into the same project cycle.
  • Red Hat Storage: Redefining enterprise and hybrid cloud storage with open source solutions, Red Hat Storage, the company’s scale-out, open source storage software for the management of unstructured data, is generally available with Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 today. Red Hat Storage transforms the enterprise and cloud storage market by – for the first time – combining community-powered innovation with the volume economics of industry standard x86 servers across on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Storage 2.0 –> Read it Here

Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 also features the following key innovations:

  • Expanded choice, offering compatibility with more than 50 dual-socket x86-based servers from industry leaders
  • Open and standards-based, Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 features support for industry-leading file access protocols including Common Internet File System (CIFS), Network File System (NFS), HTTP and OpenStack Swift; and
  • Control without compromising data accessibility and availability, including geo-replication, equipping Red Hat Storage to handle the most demanding production workloads.


Shadow-Soft’s good friend “The World’s Most Interesting Man” accompanied the team at Summit posing with the real live Beefy Miracle.  The Beefy Miracle promotion was spread across many parts of Boston.  Stay tuned for a follow up post of places we found the Beefy Miracle.

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