Red Hat & Shadow-Soft Collaborate on Open Source Middleware Migration for RegEd

Compliance management vendor modernizes its application infrastructure with Red Hat JBoss Middleware technologies


Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, and Shadow-Soft, an expert open source systems integrator, today announced that its Red Hat JBoss Middleware technology has been deployed by RegEd as part of an extensive application infrastructure migration initiative. The implementation was orchestrated by Red Hat Premier partner Shadow-Soft and encompassed RegEd’s audit, compliance, and risk management technology solutions, resulting in an estimated 65 percent annual savings in license and support costs.


RegEd provides technologies to help its more than 800 enterprise clients, including 80 of the top 100 financial services firms, mitigate risks and comply with state and FINRA regulations. Facing steadily rising license and support costs, combined with the threat of vendor lock-in through its existing proprietary application platform provider, RegEd set its sights on open source middleware solutions from Red Hat, and selected Shadow-Soft, a long-time Red Hat partner with deep knowledge of the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio, to aid in the migration process.


The move to open source has paid off for RegEd in terms of performance, flexibility, freedom from vendor lock-in, and cost. In addition to the 65 percent annual savings they anticipate saving in license fees and support costs, RegEd has also seen application loading times improve by 25 percent over the incumbent proprietary solution since Shadow-Soft’s deployment.


Supporting Quotes
Bob Wilson, senior director, North America Channel Sales and Alliances, Red Hat
“Throughout the years that we’ve worked with Shadow-Soft, they’ve repeatedly proven to be a valuable partner for us. Their team understands the power of open source to transform the IT industry through open and collaborative innovation. The work between Red Hat and Shadow-Soft on this implementation for RegEd is a great model of the respect and results that a close relationship brings. This model of innovation in action is something we strive for here at Red Hat with all of our partners.”


Erik Wallin, co-founder and chief operating officer, Shadow-Soft 
“Open source is key to innovation today. It gives companies like RegEd the power to do what they want to do, how they want to do it—affordably and reliably. Open source offers a wealth of possibilities, and Red Hat is one of the best at making those possibilities a reality. It’s great to have an organization like RegEd step up as an example for its peers by adopting open source enterprise technologies like Red Hat JBoss Middleware, not only to be the foundation for its mission-critical applications but as its core innovation model.”


Sol Osterkatz, director of application development, RegEd 
“For our organization the scope of the migration was significant. We were confident in managing our own technology but wanted to bring in a partner who could provide that same level of experience on the JBoss Middleware side. Shadow-Soft’s expertise and relationship with Red Hat convinced us that they could be that partner. They proved to be a tremendous asset throughout our initiative.”


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