Red Hat, Cisco & Open Datacenter Innovation

Did you know that Cisco is no stranger to the world of Open Source? Well if you didn’t than you might be surprised to learn that Cisco is one of the top contributors to the Linux kernel; its core IOS XE operating is based on Linux as well. They’re also a major contributor to the open networking project – Open Daylight.  Red Hat is the world’s leading supplier of Open Source technology, offering a compelling lineup of an enterprise-standard operating system, virtualization, middleware, cloud, and storage solutions. The combination of Cisco UCS servers and Red Hat software offers our customers next-generation computing in the datacenter and the cloud — beyond RISC, beyond UNIX, beyond yesterday’s solutions.



Enterprise computing is seeing a tectonic shift. Today, IT managers must reduce sprawl, reduce costs, and deliver more services all with the less budget. What cannot be overlooked is the convergence of server, networking, and storage resources in the cloud. Red Hat and Cisco offer a complete architectural approach that enables the cloud by modernizing and consolidating existing datacenters. Moving to the cloud is a phased effort for most customers. The first step is to identify core commercial, off-the-shelf enterprise applications such as Oracle or SAP that run on legacy RISC infrastructure that is 3-5 years old (Oracle/Sun, IBM Power Platforms). From there migrating these workloads to Cisco UCS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux will create a more flexible and cost effective infrastructure.


Whether you are evaluating the business case for RISC/UNIX migration or have already made the decision to move to Cisco UCS, Shadow-Soft can assist you with each step of the migration process. We offer professional services that use proven methodologies for safely and securely migrating RISC/UNIX environments onto Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Cisco’s industry-leading, x86-based UCS servers. We can help you identify potential business benefits and return on investment (ROI), perform test migrations to analyze and demonstrate feasibility and finally migrate your production applications according to your requirements and timeline


Interested in learning more about Cisco UCS and Red Hat? Download our Red Hat and Cisco Solutions Brief or contact us for more information.

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