Raytheon Acquires Trusted Computer Solutions

Raytheon has acquired Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS), a strategic Shadow-Soft OEM partner that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of cross-domain, operating system and network security solutions.

Raytheon delivers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of cyberproducts, solutions and services to protect the nation’s most critical networks. TCS’ strong product portfolio extends Raytheon’s leadership in government cross-domain solutions and adds vital new capabilities to our suite of cybersolutions.

Founded in 1994, TCS is an industry leader in cross-domain and cybersecurity software and services that enable organizations to manage and share information securely across multiple classification levels and domains. Its accredited products enable customers to protect themselves against a range of threats and ensure confidential and secure sharing and collaboration.

Effective and secure information sharing across government entities is now a top priority in intelligence and defense organizations worldwide. The domain knowledge and software products produced by TCS enable key government agencies to manage and share information securely.

TCS products include the SecureOffice® suite of cross-domain solutions that allow the secure transfer and sharing of information across networks of different classification levels; Security Blanket®, an automated operating system lock-down and management tool; and CounterStorm™, a behavioral, statistical and content-based anomaly detection system that rapidly identifies targeted and zero-day attacks.

TCS is one of the largest repositories of Trusted Operating System engineering talent and expertise in the world, enabling Raytheon to offer a broader range of solutions to its customers. TCS also delivers expertise across a range of cybersecurity disciplines, including information security engineering, certification and accreditation support, training, risk assessment and system security.

TCS’ solutions are backed by the company’s Professional Services group, nationally recognized experts in security policy, architecture, planning and implementation.

The company will now be known as Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions and be integrated into Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems (IIS) business within the Information Security Solutions product line. TCS CEO Mike Burgoon will continue to lead the business.

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