Puppet Enterprise 3.7….What you need to know

Puppet Enterprise 3.7 is here, and it’s the most significant release to date from Puppet Labs. From all-new Puppet Apps and new reporting capabilities, to big improvements in the underlying technology, here’s a brief overview on what’s new.


What’s New?


  • Puppet Apps: New, purpose-built applications that focus on solving critical IT automation challenges. Puppet Node Manager is the first of these apps, and you can access it today as part of the Puppet Enterprise 3.7 release.
  • Puppet Server Reporting: A new profiler and metrics service tracks key metrics associated with the health and performance of Puppet Server, including active requests, request duration, execution times and compilation load.
  • Role-based access control: With granular role-based access control capabilities, nodes can now be segmented so that admins can safely delegate tasks to the right people.


Try It Out: Want to dig right in? Download Puppet Enterprise 3.7.


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