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Puppet eliminates manual work from your software delivery process so you can deliver great software rapidly and on demand. Using Puppet Enterprise, we’ve seen our customers improve their deployment speed by 3X.

If it has an IP address, you can automate it with Puppet Enterprise. No matter what software you’re running and where it runs, Puppet Enterprise gives you a common language to deliver and operate all of your software.

We think Puppet offers a better way to manage infrastructure. With Puppet’s automation tools you can eliminate manual work, minimize risk of human error, and make it possible to deploy fast without giving up reliability.

How Puppet Can Help Your Organization

Model and manage your entire environment.

With Puppet Enterprise, you can manage your entire infrastructure as code without expanding the size of your team. Use the same tools and processes that developers use to manage software: version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployment. Puppet helps your team to collaborate, enabling you to adopt DevOps best practices.

Intelligent orchestration and visual workflows.

Orchestrate phased infrastructure and application deployments using intuitive visual workflows. Puppet automatically determines the correct order of operations, what information needs to be securely passed between services, and when to wait for a service to become available before moving on with the deployment.

Real-time context-aware reporting.

With rich, interactive graphical reporting, you know exactly how your infrastructure and applications are configured and the relationships and dependencies between configurations. You know what changed in real time, who made the change and what caused it, and whether it was intentional or corrective. You can troubleshoot faster, remediate issues more quickly and reduce mean time to recover.

Puppet Consulting by Shadow-Soft

Open Source DevOps expertise.

Our consultants can help you realize the benefits of moving to an open source configuration management and automation tool. Gain more visibility and control across your applications, servers and services.

Take the power back from your IT vendors.

Our Puppet products and consulting services can give you the freedom and flexibility from proprietary vendors. Avoid vendor lock-in and scale your business without the risk of higher prices.

DevOps consulting.

We know you need to innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you embrace DevOps so you can empower your developers and IT operations teams to build and ship faster.


“Puppet is a key enabler in helping us realize the vision that all things will and must
be automated to deliver at the velocity of our business.”

- Scott Johnson, VP of Technical Operations and Architecture at Staples

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